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Weekly Writing Prompt 3-20-2018

Weekly Writing Prompt 3-20-2018 The writing prompts this week are a bit “out there” but that’s okay sometimes.  Have fun with them and be totally off the wall and creative. WRITING PROMPTS: 1.  After a walk on the beach, you return to your spot to find a red rose carefully placed in your beach chair. 2. 

When I Heard the Music-Feelin Groovy Simon and Garfunkle

When I Heard the Music

When I Heard the Music When I was growing up, I was not a musician of any kind, but I can remember how so many songs had penetrated my heart. I can see scenes and places that I’m connected to because of these songs which resonated with me. We had a wonderful music teacher in


Sir Galahad

Sir Galahad We all have days when things seem bad, When things go wrong and make you sad, But never let it get you mad, Summon up your muse, your Galahad. We all have days we wish would end. You’ve had enough and want to scream, But don’t let your troubles grind you down; Take


Shannon’s Sunset

Shannon’s Sunset In the latter part of January 2018, we lost a dear friend that we went to high school with.  He was one of those people that you thought would always be there, no matter what.  It came as a shock to many of us when we realized he was no longer with us.

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