A Short 5 Minutes Saves Precious Time

I would like to share a little tip from a friend of mine,

Chery Schmidt – A Short 5 Minutes Saves Precious Time.


SuccessWithCherySchmidtIn case you hadn’t heard, I joined with Chery this week in her Fearless Dominators Team for DS Domination.

Of course as a new member of the team, I have had quite a few questions to ask and Chery has been superb in being there to answer any questions I have.


So, the quick thinker that Chery is, she asked if she could record the question I asked and the answer she gave. I said, “Sure, I don’t have a problem with that.” and she recorded some questions, such as this one I had about keeping track of your listings that you have on eBay, showing item cost, sales tax, shipping, eBay fees, PayPal fees and profit. Below is one of the short videos Chery made answering my question.

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PAC – New Phase Coming Soon

comingsoonBeginning today is the birth of a new phase of PAC that will be revealed very soon.  I’m sure you have seen The Power Affiliate Club mentioned on different social sites, (mainly Facebook) or read about it in a previous post of mine; 4 Crucial Points For Success in 2015

Lesly Federici and I created the Community called PAC (Power Affiliate Club) which is designed to help new people getting started online, but also PAC will benefit experienced network marketers too. 

is the basis of our Community.  We all work together to bring many knowledgeable people to one Community who have different and varying skills of working online and are ready to share their expertise.  

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32 Authors With 49 Comments

32 Authors With 49 Comments


32AuthorsWith49Comments-workingAs the New Year starts out many of us have been and are still busy getting strategies and plans in place to increase your numbers and earnings in your business online; me included. 

I have had quite a few “Aha” moments the last few months and I am finally beginning to “get it” with this online work and becoming more focused and moving forward in 2015 as being my best online year yet.


What Is In Place for 2015…

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Personal Branding With Your About Me Page

Powr Affiliate Club PAC

A few weeks ago in our PAC Community (The Power Affiliate Club)  we began featuring a member each day so we can all start to learn about each other and what we do and with the intentions of bringing some of our inactive members to an “active state” in the group so they can begin to see the benefits that our group provides to its members.

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Who Is Really At Fault?

Who Is Really At Fault?

WhoIsReallyAtFaultI’ve been using Hootsuite now for quite a while to schedule my few posts to Twitter and Facebook and I have become increasingly irritated with Hootsuite not grabbing the right picture to show with the post.


I decided to do a little research and digging to see what could be done to correct this problem or maybe find a new software that I could use to replace Hootsuite.

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