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What Is Your Earning Motivator?

What Is Your Earning Motivator2

What Is Your Earning Motivator?   How would you answer that question if someone asked you? I used to say, “Things are getting better,” but I really didn’t have a clue exactly what amount of money I was making or not making. Not that I was trying to deceive anyone; I know my income is […]

What’s In It For Me?


What’s in it for me? A pretty selfish statement, don’t you think? Well I caught myself saying this when I read a reply post on Facebook the other day.   The reply post was short, simple and really had nothing to do with the conversation taking place in the thread. It said, “Please invite me […]

Are You Struggling To Make Ends Meet?


Let me ask you… Are you struggling to make ends meet each month? According to an article from in February 2015, there were 9 million Americans unemployed in the United States.   If you are and I know many of you are having tough financial times right now, wouldn’t you do just about anything, […]

April 1st 2015 DS Domination Blitz


9:00 am EST, April 1st, 2015: I worked until 2am last night getting my post ready for the blitz today. I also woke up to many already blitzing and bringing in new people. It’s going to be a busy day so I need to just relax and go with it. I will get to each […]

Want To Know What Put The Fire Under ...


Want To Know What Put The Fire Under Me – Ask Me How YOU Can Start Finally Earning Online

My Secret Weapon For Increased Traffi...


My Secret Weapon For Increased Traffic – Members are awarded Credits as a reward for promoting your content on their blogs.

The Secrets To Your Internet Estate

The Secret To Building Your Blog Under One Roof-a

The Secrets To Your Internet Estate – Self branding, making a name & reputation for ourselves, we should let our sites or blogs reflect who we actually are.

Is There Money Hidden In Your Compute...


Is There Money Hidden In Your Computer?   Did you ever have so many ideas floating around in your head that you could not sort them out to make a blog post? When I get like that it is absolutely time for a “free writing session” to get everything out on the computer or paper […]

Monna – Why Are You Being So Me...


We are coming to the end of the first 8 week session of our PAC 5% Club meetings or as Lesly puts it, “The regular focus group, on steroids” and next Friday, the 13th will be our review week with the last meeting on February 20, 2015. We take a one week break and another […]

A Short 5 Minutes Saves Precious Time


I would like to share a little tip from a friend of mine, Chery Schmidt – A Short 5 Minutes Saves Precious Time.   In case you hadn’t heard, I joined with Chery this week in her Fearless Dominators Team for DS Domination. Of course as a new member of the team, I have had quite a […]

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