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We Are All Coaches

We Are All Coaches

We Are All Coaches For the last couple of days I’ve been sitting here thinking about what my post will be for this week.  A lot of things have progressed over the last few months and things are changing for many of us, especially the members of the PAC Community. Donna Merrill wrote a great […]

Strategies For Branding Yourself


Strategies For Branding Yourself – Now that you have started building your brand, protect it, add to it and make yourself unique.

Best Way To Hide Affiliate Links

Best Way To Hide Affiliate Links

Best Way To Hide Affiliate Links How many of you reading this are affiliate marketers?  I am guessing that almost everyone reading this post has some affiliate links out there, whether it is for Web Hosting, Purchasing a Domain, Some Kind of Software, etc.  The list can go on and on forever.     I […]

How Long Before You Make Money or Try...


There is no shame in realizing and deciding a particular business is just not for you. Don’t continue down the same path if you are only spending more money than you are making.

Be Yourself With Magnetic Messaging


Be Yourself With Magnetic Messaging I attended a webinar last night which I don’t do very much any more because they are often distracting and trying to lure you away from what your intended goals are and then you start again on the cycle of looking for something better or different (Shiny Object Syndrome).  I’ve […]

4 Tips to Take Advantage of the Summe...

4 Tips to Take Advantage of the Summer Slow Down

4 Tips to Take Advantage of the Summer Slow Down Unfortunately every summer there is a lull in sales, visits and interaction online and some niches more than others. The kids are out of school, the families are getting ready for vacations and some just take the time to unwind and unplug from technology for […]

BG Jenkins – Live 2 Inspire


BG Jenkins – Live 2 Inspire As part of a new activity for The Power Affiliate Club, we were asked to “Promote A Friend” and as you will find, I have chosen BG Jenkins. Do you see this pretty lady in this picture? Her name is BG (Brenda) Jenkins. Well I would like to tell […]

Common Scams To Avoid When Self Publi...


Common Scams To Avoid When Self Publishing   You have worked hard over many months or even years to finish the book that you have always dreamed of writing.  Now you go through the nerve-racking tasks of sending your book to publishers and publishing houses, only to receive numerous rejection letters from publishing companies.   […]

Join A Community That Is Your One-Sto...


It doesn’t matter if you are a new blogger or an experienced blogger, at some point you will realize there are great benefits when you “Join A Community That Is Your One-Stop Place.” The Community that I recommend very highly is “The Power Affiliate Club.”

Social Media Engagement and Connectin...


Social Media Engagement and Connecting It’s Wednesday, June 17, 2015 and my new product “Social Media Rotation” is done and ready to be released to the many marketers and friends out there that I hope to help in their everyday tasks of working online.   You know what I’m talking about; some of those mundane things we need […]

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