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Create a Book Cover in Canva


Create a Book Cover in Canva for Self-Publishing with Kindle – Canva is a web application to design all sorts of materials however you don’t need to be a graphic designer to use it. Anyone can do it!

Scam Phone Calls


Think Before You Give Out Any Information

Your Social Network Profile – Are You...


Without a personal profile, it would be difficult or impossible to tell what your interests are. That is why social networking profiles are not only important, but they are needed. But in the quest to be “found” are you overlooking the obvious safety rules that should apply to all internet users?

Review Affiliate Marketing for Blogge...


Review Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers by Enstine Muki – Google Analytics got you baffled and ready to pull your hair out? Enstine explains this on Page #70

Sharing Keyword Research Results

Sharing Keyword Research Results

Sharing Keyword Research Results – When you are doing keyword research, take a minute to notice

Mind Map Your Business for 2016


Mind Map Your Business for 2016 – …No Plan Equals a “very bad habit” to get into, so start out on the right foot

May I Have Your Permission?


May I Have Your Permission? Now that I think back on that webinar I attended the other night, it did take away the pressure and the feeling of, “What’s coming up next?”

NaNoWriMo 2015 Winding Down


NaNoWriMo is not necessarily about writing the perfect piece during the month of November, it’s about “doing the writing consistently”

Pay Attention Someone May Be Listenin...

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Pay Attention Someone May Be Listening – If you never pay attention to another thing I say…

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