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Creative Writing, Stories & Poems & Random Thoughts

Creative Writing, Stories & Poems & Random Thoughts

This is where I'll share my stories and random thoughts, along with the work of Author friends of mine. Do you have something you want to share? Let me know.

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Self-Publish & Computer Maintenance Services

Self-Publish & Computer Maintenance Services

There is no reason now to "Not" publish that book you've always wanted to write. My rates are reasonable to work with you and get your book published. I can also help with that slow-running computer you have.

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Treasures & Work-Arounds

Treasures & Work-Arounds

Using automation & short-cuts online can make or break a day of work. I will be sharing lots of resources that I find & use to make your work less stressful. Most will be free & some will be paid & I will receive a commission if you purchase from my link.

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How To Stop Using The Same Words

Are You In a Writing Rut? As writers sometimes we find ourselves in a “writing rut” like life. We use the same words over and over. We go through our day the same way (coffee, shower, work) and the same every evening (home from work, dinner and TV). Writing should be your voice and you


Meet The Author – Lesly Federici

  I’m beginning to enjoy these Meet The Author interviews. I get to touch base again with some authors I’ve lost contact with and meeting new authors as well.  Today, my Author Interview was with Registered Nurse, now online marketer and self-published author, Lesly Federici.   Lesly has eight books to her credit on Amazon; three

Meet The Author – BG Jenkins

  I would like to introduce you to a self-published author of children’s books, BG Jenkins.  BG created the stories for her grandchildren and the books are named after them.  My own grandchildren loved the stories she wrote.  The graphics and illustrations in the books make it easy for younger children to know what’s happening


What’s Your Dream Job?

Inspired from the Weekly Writing Prompt 1/16/2018 – My piece this week is not really a story but more like a plan for the New Year. What’s Your Dream Job? What’s Holding You Back From Doing That Job Now?   My dream job is writing for a living; writing short stories, articles, books and blogging.


Something Very Special

  This is a short piece I wrote in response to the Weekly Writing Prompt 1/9/2018 on my blog.  You a potter, create a very special jar which holds…….?   Day after day, I go into my garage and sit down to my potter’s wheel and create the same types of cups, bowls and plates


Weekly Writing Prompt 1-16-2018

  Keep writing everyday to keep the fresh new ideas coming in. Save your prompt writing pieces or not but you will be all the better for another writing experience. WRITING PROMPTS: A homeless man on a park bench is awakened by an angel. What’s your dream job? What’s holding you back from doing that

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