Your Creative Writing – Where Will It Reach The Most Readers?

Your Creative Writing - Where Will It Reach The Most ReadersWhether you are writing as a hobby or for practice to be able to write a book or novel, you need to find out where is the best place to publish your articles or posts so they receive the most attention.  

A lot depends on how much time and/or money you have to put towards your work.  By that, I mean, are you earning money from a residual source so that you can still pay your bills and devote time to writing or do you have to still work out side the home or divide your time between an online business and then allow time for writing?  

You are the only one who knows how much, time, effort and dedication you need to achieve your dream.  

There are many writing sites online to write for and still develop your writing career at the same time.  Get paid for your writing.  There is something special about getting paid for people to read the words you have written.  

Some of these writing sites are an excellent way to write and get paid for your writing, such as: 

These sites are able to pay you for writing from ad sharing revenue they receive. These are just a few that I have had experience with. Some of them differ a little in their rules, so make sure you read their rules.  Bubblews is strictly a writing site for posts and articles. You are not allowed to post there as a way to sell things from Amazon like you are able to do on HubPages, Squidoo and SirGo.  

Squidoo has tightened up their rules quite a bit and they expect much more content on their lenses than they did before and less links to Amazon or other affiliate items.  

So, I will leave you to your thoughts about what your next step towards your dream will be.  

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I would like to also leave you with a writing prompt to get you started.  If you don’t come up with a brilliant  post, article or story this time, save it for another time.  Don’t stress over it.  

You can also see new writing prompts every day on the right sidebar of my blog, located just a little bit below the email and Facebook subscribe sections.  

Writing Prompt:  Describe your dream career and how you are going to get there.  Open up a free account at Bubblews or sign in if you already have an account and make your first post or use this prompt as your next post.  

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