WhatIsSirGoandIsItForYouWhat is SirGo?  SirGo is similar to Squidoo but without all of the hogwash and politics that goes with Google and the search engines.  Not to say that SirGo doesn’t care about Google or the search engines, they just don’t bow down to them.


Earning still comes from Google Adsense which is great, as in my case Google closed my account down for some unknown reason and using Amazon modules to sell physical products.


As with any new site you join, make yourself familiar with their Terms of Service


I haven’t received any payment from SirGo yet as I just started there with a few pages up and running and then got sidetracked writing on Bubblews but I will be adding new content at SirGo very soon.


Unusual Door Stops – Cast Iron, Iron   (NEW)

The Ex-Knife Set

Polymer Clay Rose Earrings

Deglon Meeting Knife Set

Christmas Gift Idea Shop

Rose Gold Earrings

One Week Marketing Private Training

Thomas Kinkade Cottages












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