Writing For Pay is another great way to earn money online.  Some of the sites that I have written for and still do are:

Squidoo  –  SirGo  –  Bubblews

Each of the sites have their own rules, Terms of Use, pay thresholds and schedule for payments.  You will have to decide for yourself what site is best for you and what you can accept or not accept in terms of your work and getting paid.  

For example:

squidoo-logoSquidooIn September of 2014, Squidoo closed up their site and all “Worthy Content” was moved to HubPages.  Worthy Content was determined by HubPages and also was considered by many to be a violation as Squidoo was not supposed to be able to sell the content from their site.  Either way, right or wrong it was done and Squidoo is no more.  I was making pretty good money at one time on Squidoo but slowly it began losing ground and I attribute that to Google and their updates.  They gave you the choice of letting your content be transferred to HubPages, if they thought it was good enough or lose it.  I chose to pull all of my content off and put it on my own WordPress site in my own time.  I was not impressed with HubPages when I tried writing for them in the past, so I did not want to deal with them again.  It was good while it lasted.  So long Squidoo.


Sirgo-logoSirGo – Approximately 3 weeks ago, which would be November 2014, SirGo notified their members that they would no longer be using Google Adsense as an advertising earning source.  There were rumors that Google was not paying them but who really knows?  I fear that SirGo has also been a causality of the Google algorithm updates.  It appears at this point (December 2014), Amazon is their only source of income at SirGo.  Another great idea taken down by the Google Giant.  I will not be writing for free sites any longer.  If you decide to do so, be cautious. 


Bubblews-logoBubblewsAnother free writing site that was going great for quite a while.  Many were getting paid but many were complaining that they were not getting paid.  I continued writing there until the last $53.00 payment I requested was never received and not a response received from support in any way.  My content is still there but I am using it on my own WordPress site, again in my own time.  I believe it may at times cause “duplicate content” problems but I am making a note that the content in both places was written and owned by myself. 


Three strikes you are out.  Definitely no more writing for free sites. 


There are still quite a few other sites online that you can write for and they say you do get paid but I will not be taking that pathway any longer.  Think twice and review many times before you put your time and effort into a free site.





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