My Short Stories

UPDATE:  All of “My Short Stories” have been moved over to my writing blog; Blue Jean Writer’s Voice  (Updated Links Below)

From time to time I like to write stories that are a little bit longer, but cannot be thought of as a novel.  Bubblews is known more for its short pieces and since there are so many great writers there, it’s hard to read very many stories if they are longer. I decided I would also publish my longer stories here.

(Another Update: I no longer publish any of my work on


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I Walked Among Angels Today
(Originally posted on Bubblews 06/10/2013)

Menopause – Just Shoot Me!
(Originally posted on Squidoo and then Bubblews)

(Originally posted on Bubblews  07/08/2013)
(Originally posted on Bubblews 05/27/2013
(Originally written in 2000 and posted on Bubblews 06/24/2013)
(Originally posted on Bubblews 05/16/2013)

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