Easy Double Wedding Ring Quilt E-Book

How the Easy Double Wedding Ring Quilt E-Book came about; I started quilting in and around 1985, I think it was.  A dear friend, Marie Eastwood had been quilting for years with her mother and I was intrigued by watching her. Really when you sit and think about it, so I quit doing that; 🙂  You take a perfectly good piece of fabric and cut it all up in to pieces of different sizes and shapes and then you attempt to put all these little pieces back together again to form a different kind of pattern… homemade jigsaw puzzle from fabric. Quilting has been a time honored tradition for many, many years.  Our ancestors made them mainly for warmth but sometimes more extravagant quilts were made for special occasions such as weddings, births and anniversaries. I’ve always loved the Double Wedding Ring pattern and had attempted quite a few times to make this quilt with so many different patterns, methods and tools.  Finally in total frustration, I thought to myself, “There has to be an easier way to do this”. People were creating many new techniques to make quilting easier like: 1.  Rotatory cutters 2.  Acrylic templates 3.  Strip piecing. 4.  Stack-n-Whack So the Double Wedding Ring became my own challenge to see if I could come up with an easier method to make one without the curved piecing, stretching fabric, pleats where you didn’t want them, etc. After many trials, errors and then finally success, I came up with my own method to make an Easy Double Wedding Ring Quilt, block by block and can be made in about half the time of the traditional method. Check out my Easy Double Wedding Ring Quilt E-Book The Easy Double Wedding Ring Quilt E-Book is now available for your Kindle and also a paperback book from Amazon.com.

Easy Double Wedding Ring Quilt E-Book -Kindle Version

Easy Double Wedding Ring Quilt – Paperback Version

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