I would like to invite you to The Create Yourself Writing Workshop, which has now been renamed as Create Yourself Through Writing and Marketing.   This group was created to encourage you to begin sharing your writing, especially if you are a new writer and just not sure you want to put your work out to the public yet.

Be sure that you have signed up at and confirmed your subscription so you will receive your free E-Book download, the continuing workshop emails and so you will not miss out on anything.


This is a closed group so the only people who will see are members of the group.


Introduce yourself or re-introduce yourself and let’s start getting to know each other.


Monna Ellithorpe, Blue Jean Writer
Creator of Create Yourself Through Writing and Marketing





Create Yourself Through Writing and Marketing

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Writer, Published Author, Teacher, Blogger, Marketer. I have written most all of my life: journals, diaries and short stories. When faced with a life decision, writing kept presenting itself to me at every turn. I then started to seriously pursue a career in writing.