Writers – How To Sell Your Books Online

Writers Selling Their Books Online
You have decided you want to become a writer or you have already written your first book and now you need to know how to get your book out in front of the right audience. 
Amazon does help you by supplying CreateSpace to publish your paperback books and also their KDP Select Program for publishing your books for Kindle but for the most part the advertising and getting your books in front of your target audience is up to you. 

There are many ways you can do this but again you have to be consistent with your marketing strategy.  You cannot just put up one ad here and there and hope people will find you. As I’ve said before, that only works in the movies
Right about now, I’m guessing you are wondering why I am talking about marketing instead of writing.  If you are a writer and a self publisher, then marketing is the next step, whether you like it or not.  

You have to be social, get noticed, make friends, build relationships and even though this may take you “WAYYYY” out of your comfort zone, it has to be done if you want to sell your books.

For every social site that you join or authors site that you become a part of, remember to “Brand YOU, Your name and your reputation.”  Use your full name if possible. If your name is not available, add your middle initial, add a dash and keep trying until you come up with something as close to your full name as possible.

What ever you have to do to start Branding yourself, once you have made that decision, then stick with that decision and use that name for your books and anything else that you do online.

The idea is that anytime anyone sees your name, they will associate it with your profile picture and your name will be associated with your books (unless you are writing under a pen name and that will be another post). 

Writers Selling Their Books Online1You want to make a complete circle of linked communities of all of your social sites.  

  • Twitter connects to Facebook
  • Facebook connects to Google+
  • Google+ connects to LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn connects to YouTube

(not necessarily in that order), etc. but you get the idea. 

While you are building your communities, you are building a readership and a following and I should also mention that you should start building a list so that your readers will know when you have written something new or released a new book.  

You don’t have to be a pain but you don’t want people to forget you.  I have listed some popular and trusted resources (Aff)  on this page for your convenience. 

Earlier this week, Christine Adindu, a friend introduced me to the free Facebook App called 22Social.  This application is perfect for a new writer that maybe hasn’t started a blog yet or maybe you have just decided to market through Facebook.  

Writers Selling Their Books Online_Mobile_Device

Another great feature of this application, it is viewable on mobile devices.  Most Facebook apps when you try to access them on a mobile device, you will receive an error message.

The application is free to use and there is also a 30 day trial option for $2 which I am testing out right now.

You can have a look at my page here; Blue Jean Writer – Monna Ellithorpe.  Feel free to “Like” my Fan Page if you haven’t already.  Thank you.

The free version gives you the ability to create one page to sell your book or article from.  The pro version, you can create multiple pages and have each book on its own page within Facebook.  With 22Social your audience is not leaving your Fan Page for any reason because they are seeing and reading about your books right from within Facebook.  

It is compatible with Aweber autoresponder, so when someone likes your Facebook Fan Page, they are subscribed to your email series.

The marketing side of selling your books has to come into play at some time or another. You may be thinking, “Here she is, just another marketer trying to sell me stuff.”  Face it, it is one of the the reasons we came online to write and sell our books.  I am a writer first and foremost but I also want to sell my books and help you sell yours.

If I can give you reviews on resources and tools that I have already tested and it saves you money and time, then I can feel good about recommending a product to you.

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