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I was asked the other day about how I determine what to charge for my books that I write and sell online.  I had to sit and think about it for a few minutes before I answered.  

I suppose if I were a writer with more books written and my name was more well known, then I could charge more for a book no matter what format it is; paperback, electronic or PDF format. The price you charge for a book will depend on many things; number of pages in the book, book subject popularity, author name popularity and creativeness in advertising.

There are so many things changing and evolving so fast and book publishing is one of them.  Traditional publishers and/or publishing houses are again fighting against the new publishing methods.

Back in the late 1930s to early 1940s, paperback books came out at a price of approximately $0.25 cents versus a hardback book at a price of around $2.50.  The paperbacks were out-selling the hardback books due to their minimal cost which even then was a luxury sometimes but still were bought in numbers well over the higher priced hardback books.


The Publishers

The publishers reasoning was that the paperback books could be so easily printed and distributed that they would devalue the book.  Many retailers out of loyalty to the traditional publishing houses chose not to carry the paperback books in an attempt to stop or at least slow their sales but in reality they would have made more money if they had carried the paperback books and sold them at the lower price.

So we are now some 70+ years later and the debate is again resurfacing with the ability of people to self-publish and create their own e-books.   Publishers state again that the e-books will devalue the books, just as they predicted back 70+ years ago but that did not happen and it will not happen this time either.

Will You Be The Next New Published Author-2It is said that e-books will bring back interest in reading just as paperbacks did years ago.  In fact speaking for myself, I have read more books on my Kindle device in the past three years than I have read in the previous ten years.


Buying Books Online

I know that I will hit the “check-out” button on an e-book selling at $2.99 or less much faster that I will buy a paperback or a hardback cover book at a higher price and we have the luxury of receiving the e-book almost instantly.

A new writer can now finally see a light at the end of the tunnel for what used to be just a dream of being a published author.  You can pay to have someone (myself in this case) format and publish the book for you or I will teach you how to go through the publishing process.  It’s a whole new world of dreams out there that can now be achieved and creative marketing can make all of the difference in your sales and popularity.


A New Writers Journey

I did want to mention about my post last week;  Hosting a Book Blog Tour  with Megan Cyrulewski

As I wrote in that post Megan had some very good results with her first published book and with her Book Blog Tour.  The exposure she received for her book, not only kept her book high up as a best seller on Amazon for a few days, I am so happy to report that other great things are happening for Megan because of the exposure and advertising she received.

Megan posted on her Facebook page on Saturday, August 9, 2014 that:

“This weekend has been pretty awesome:

Friday – Got a letter from 6th Circuit Court (Oakland County) that I was approved to be on the court appointed mediator list

Today – Two awesome offers:

1. I have an interview on Monday with the executive editor of a huge online magazine. She read my book and wants to talk to me about having my own monthly column.

2. Got an e-mail from an awesome inspiring life coach who was so inspired by my book that he asked me to be a part of his next motivational speakers event.

You know I don’t brag, but I’m a little proud of myself right now. Hard work definitely pays off!”

Congratulations to you Megan.

This is just one case that has turned out to be a fabulous beginning for a new published author and it can happen to you if you want it enough.



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Will You Be The Next New Published Author


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