Who Is Really At Fault?

WhoIsReallyAtFaultI’ve been using Hootsuite now for quite a while to schedule my few posts to Twitter and Facebook and I have become increasingly irritated with Hootsuite not grabbing the right picture to show with the post.


I decided to do a little research and digging to see what could be done to correct this problem or maybe find a new software that I could use to replace Hootsuite.

Hootsuite-WhoIsReallyAtFaultHootsuite says it is not them causing the problem. It is Facebook!  Given that Facebook is continuously changing things around, I should have automatically thought Facebook would have been causing the problem.


Facebook is not showing the correct picture when an automatic post is sent from Hootsuite.


Open Graph Object Debugger


Facebook does offer some help with this situation.  It’s not a total fix but a temporary solution if you are wondering what picture will show up with your post and this also includes manual posting too.


All you need to do is enter the URL that you are going to post or schedule and follow the page down and you will see what photo Facebook is going to grab to attach to that particular post. 


For example, I entered this URL of mine; http://monnaellithorpe.com/bluejeanwritervoice/ and for some reason Facebook is showing a lot of errors but in the end it does show a picture of what will post if I use this link.  It is a picture of a book that a friend of mine wrote that was previously in the slider area of the site (but no longer showing) but when you click on the photo it goes to what is actually showing on my site; a NaNoWriMo banner.  


So, I am not sure this post is even worth making.  If we have to check every link to see what is going to show up and then it may still not be the right image… what a mess. 



There is a plugin for WordPress called WP Facebook Open Graph protocol plugin that has been mentioned to solve this problem but I haven’t tried it yet.


bufferapp-WhoIsReallyAtFaultI am going to look for another alternative to the above. At this point I am checking out Buffer  – I did do some testing already and the same thing happened as before.  Posting to Twitter and then to Facebook, the wrong photo showed up.  I did try another test and if I specifically chose a picture to be shown, Facebook showed the correct photo. 



Okay, I have run another test using Buffer to schedule my posts and I chose each picture that I wanted to show on Facebook.  My last post went to Twitter at approximately 5:26 pm EST today and then forwarded on to Facebook and every picture I chose is the correct one showing on the Facebook post. 


So, it doesn’t appear that it’s a Facebook problem at all.  This really disappoints me because I have used Hootsuite for quite a while and I have only noticed the problem of the wrong photo showing a few times in the past but here lately it is happening with every post, no matter what photo I choose. 


I will be using Buffer from now on to schedule the few posts that I send each day.  They have a paid version which I believe is about $10 per month and  a free version (non. Aff.).  I am okay with using the free version for now. 


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Who Is Really At Fault?

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