whatsinitformeWhat’s in it for me? A pretty selfish statement, don’t you think? Well I caught myself saying this when I read a reply post on Facebook the other day.


The reply post was short, simple and really had nothing to do with the conversation taking place in the thread.

It said, “Please invite me to like this page” and I thought to myself, “Why, what’s in it for me?” Ouch, did I really think that or say it out loud to myself?

Usually I am trying very hard to answer that question for the readers who come to visit my blog or my Facebook profile or fan page. I never really thought about the question applying to me when I visit and read posts, pages or profiles.

Think about it; the question applies to each and every one of us at some time when we are online looking for information, looking for ideas, researching for an article you are writing or just trying to find a new recipe or find something new to buy, just because.

My point is that we probably all have this mindset when we are looking for something and we don’t even realize it. When you do realize this, you can see how important it is for YOU to provide the answer or solve that problem for a reader who may come to you for help.

Your posts or articles should be directed to that person whose problem you are going to solve for them. They don’t want to hear about little Jimmy or little Annie getting their first tooth unless that is what your blog or pages are all about, say for example parenting.

Most people are online to learn and earn so they can start their own businesses online and they will bypass you in a heartbeat if they do not quickly see that you can provide a “fix” for their problem.

If you are doing a product review, then that is a situation where the reader absolutely wants to hear what your honest opinion is of the product or service you are writing about. Even in a product review, be ever so careful to keep your review centered on the pro’s, the con’s and evaluation of the product or program, not the people associated with it.

Take your time with a product review. Don’t put out a great review on something until you are sure that the product does what it says it will and be aware of the difference in the product and the people who sell a product; they are two completely different animals.

Remember there is a great difference in testing the actual product for review purposes and then there are people with a hidden agenda who are pushing the product to meet a quota or an intended goal for themselves.

One final thought and it comes from Zig Ziglar and I know I have mentioned it at times before but I truly believe it is one of the best quotes and advice anyone can give or receive.


So we come to the end of my post; “What’s In It For Me?” and hopefully you can say and believe that you did receive from me some valuable information and a unique look at your future marketing efforts online.


arrow5-aSharing with your friends and associates is greatly appreciated and wishing you the success you deserve.






What’s In It For Me?



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