What’s A Bullet Journal and Why It Will Help You

bullet-journal-whats-a-bullet-journalManaging your time when you work online at home can be an infuriating daily struggle. One day you will be able to keep on track and the next day, every little plan you made for the day has run into a snag or your computer decides it doesn’t want to cooperate with you, maybe your internet provider service is down. 


There can be any number of legitimate excuses as to the reason why you got off track but in the end, how you recover is up to you. Maybe you can take a short break and complete some of your tasks in what time is left of the non-productive day or you may have to wait until tomorrow and begin again. 


Either way, “DON’T STOP.”


You control your life and your accomplishments, so make a conscious decision on “HOW” you are going to get back on track.


I would like to refer you to an older post of Donna Merrill’s, “Keeping Focused.” 


Donna shares some of her daily tasks, along with some of her interests that she sometimes finds that impose on her working online time. It does all come down to focus and finding the best way that works for you to keep organized, in control and productive.


Lesly Federici shares her “One Page Planner” that helps her to stay organized and on track. Also if you ask Lesly, her most important tool that she uses to keep focused is a kitchen timer.


While Donna and Lesly’s methods of staying organized and focused work for them, I needed something different as those methods just did not quite do it for me, so I continued looking. I know I spent more time than I should have searching for a solution but it was well worth it.


What I found and is fast becoming a trend among bloggers, writers, college students, moms, teacher, etc. in their quest for tracking time, tasks, exercise, tracking moods, etc. This gem I found is called “Bullet Journaling (or BuJo® for short).”


You may already be aware of it but it’s totally new to me.


I’m certain you have heard of journaling but this technique was created and developed by Ryder Carroll – Bullet Journaling It is more than just a journal. It is a basic analog system that you start with the initial Bullet Journal ideas and then as you progress, you make it more of your own by adding sections and trackers of the things that are important to you. The ideas are endless.


After a few failed attempts at starting a Bullet Journal, I now have my first week mapped out and I am looking forward to keeping up with the new system. This is my unfortunate “bad” first start. 



For me, what sets this apart from any other journaling system is that I have missed working with my scrapbooking and with Bullet Journaling, each evening I can finish my day with check marks of what I accomplished, what I want to accomplish the next day and use some embellishments and some color and designs.  This also relaxes me, while seeing how productive I was and providing myself a little time with a hobby I enjoy: “scrapbooking.”  This is my second try and I’m very happy with it so far. 


On Sunday evenings, I will create a new layout for the next week; either using the same layout as before or by searching online in YouTube or in some of the Facebook groups about Bullet Journaling for a new design that I may like better. It’s flexible. You can add and subtract any section that you need each week or add a new one.


A piece of advice, pay close attention to the pens, pencils and markers you use. I started mine off with what I thought was a Sharpie pen but it was actually a fine line Sharpie marker which bled through the pages. So disappointing.


There are so many different types of journals or books that you can use. If you are not sure about your commitment to the Bullet Journal, you might be better off to start with something simple like a regular journal, a spiral notebook or a 3-ring binder.

Here are some of the most favorite types of journals that people are buying and using for their journals.


This is not a complete review, as you may have noticed but rather just informing you of something I found that I think you may find useful.  I will make a more detailed review after I have used the system a bit more. 

So, I am wondering how many of you have heard of a Bullet Journal and if you use one or may use one after reading my post?  Looking forward to reading your thoughts and comments. 


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