What Is Your Earning Motivator?


How would you answer that question if someone asked you? I used to say, “Things are getting better,” but I really didn’t have a clue exactly what amount of money I was making or not making. Not that I was trying to deceive anyone; I know my income is growing but I just never kept track until it came tax time. “Bad Idea”

What Is Your Earning Motivator

This time I decided to start keeping a daily total and just see how well or how bad I am doing in terms of earning online.


Some places that you earn money from online will not pay you until a certain threshold is met or maybe they only pay every 30, 60 or 90 days after a sale and by that time you have no idea what you have earned.


I have created a simple spreadsheet (Microsoft version and Open Office version) that you can download below and begin using to start keeping track of your daily earnings.

I call this my “Earning Motivator Sheet” Download your preferred version just below.  downarrows

Earning Motivator Sheet – Microsoft Excel version

Earning Motivator Sheet – Open Office version

Each day that I can add an amount that I have earned money, is a day that gives me more motivation in what I am doing and I am seeing the proof right in front of me and that motivates me to work harder.


We all know that any bit of motivation that we can get helps with confidence, determination and the drive to keep going.


It doesn’t matter if you have earned only 1 cent yesterday from Infolinks, Google Adsense, Chitika or another alternate way of earning from ad revenue; it all adds up.


For example before I started paying attention and keeping track, I just assumed that Chitika was not doing anything for me and I took all but one ad off of my site. I was totally surprised when I finally did look and see that I have $6.91 holding in my account. Their payout hold is 30 days and $10.00 to PayPal. I probably would have already been paid had I not take the ads down from my site.


Now I realize that $6.91 is not a fortune but added together with my other MSI (Multiple Streams of Income), I am now able to see that I am making a difference little by little and I can put more focus on the MSI that is doing well for me.


What about you? Is this too insignificant for you to take the time to do or do you think those cents adding up each day will help motivate you more?


What Is Your Earning Motivator2I really would like to hear what you do to keep track or maybe you don’t keep track at all.  Would seeing a money amount even as little as 1 cent keep you motivated to do more?  


Don’t forget to download and try the “Earning Motivator Sheet” that I have available for you to use.

Earning Motivator Sheet – Microsoft Excel version

Earning Motivator Sheet – Open Office version


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