What Do You Need To Learn To Publish Your Book

 What Do You Need To Learn To Publish Your Book?

For most of us, the price of following our dream is way out of reach. We just cannot afford the luxury of not paying attention to a question like that; What Price Will You Pay To Follow Your Dream?
If you have checked into the process of publishing a book the “old fashioned way”, then you were probably stopped by the high cost and manipulations by the publishers and publishing houses?  I was too and I never thought I would ever see any of my work in published form for all to see. 
Now that I am a published author, I dearly hate to see and hear that in this day of technology that some still believe that being a published author is out of their reach when it is not. I love what I do online and have helped quite a few people get their books published on Amazon CreateSpace and for Kindle. 

 Authors I Have Assisted With Publishing…
*  How To Use Canva Like A Pro For Business [Kindle Edition] Lillian De Jesus (Author)
*  Seren Chickadee [Paperback] B.G. Jenkins (Author) Soon to be published
*  Thinking About Making Money Online? Before you Do… [Paperback and Kindle Versions] Christine Adindu (Author)
*  How to Get Measurable Results From Your IBOToolBox Membership [Paperback and Kindle Versions] Don Sabelhaus (Author)
I do work one on one with people to format and publish their books but I began thinking that I could help a lot more people if I created a class where I can work with one student on screen share and the other students can see how it’s done, visually, step-by-step.  
So, I am in the process of creating the training classes;
Week #1, We will start off with working to format a paperback book for CreateSpace.  
Week #2, The next week I will show how to upload your book file to Amazon and review for any possible mistakes and then publishing. 
Week #3, I will go over the process of formatting and publishing for Kindle. 
Week #4, We will go through the publishing process of uploading your Kindle book to Amazon. 
The classes will take place in a conference room provided by The Power Affiliate Club 
Future planned classes will be;

1.  Working with Photoscape

2.  Working with Evernote

And new classes will be determined, per student interest and request. 

All classes will be approximately one hour with a Q&A session at the end; 4 times per month (Day and times to be determined).
Having a visual learning class like this, does this sound like something that would help you to move closer to a published author status?
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What Do You Need To Learn To Publish Your Book?