UPDATE:  I wanted to take a minute and update this page a little.  

I am no longer in DS Domination but I want everyone to know that I have my own reasons for stopping.  Someone suggested that I should update this post and I decided to update in this way. 

I still have the fire under me to work with eBay and Amazon but I am doing it on my own (good choice/bad choice) who knows?  We will see.  

In the meantime, I am leaving the links below active under Chery Schmidt’s referral link. If you are considering DSD, then please contact Chery. 

Okay this post and what I am about to say is going to be “so totally out of my comfort zone” that I will probably need another zip code (LOL). As you may or may not know, I have joined DS Domination with Chery Schmidt and we are getting ready (starting April 1, 2015) for the next “Blitz” in our team of business owners who work with DSD.

Not familiar with DSD? It is a teaching, learning and take action system of drop-shipping between Amazon and eBay and other retailers that are online. 




Remember back years ago when Tom Bosley from the Happy Days show went on TV and was sponsoring a drop-shipping company called SMC (Specialty Merchandise Corporation)? I remember looking into that at the time and thinking drop-shipping was a great idea but I did not have the funds at the time to start but it’s always been in the back of my mind. Now I have no idea of how SMC really works or even if it is still in business. I just used that as a reference.

Fast forward to late in 2014, I was introduced to DS Domination and I decided not to work with DSD because I had worked with eBay years ago; as a matter of fact I started my online career with eBay in the year 2000. I loved it but the packing, shipping, etc. got to be too much for me and it wasn’t fun any more.

Concerning DSD, lesson learned; check something out thoroughly before you pass on it. DS Domination is a drop-shipping program with so much training and guidance, it’s amazing.  With DSD, there are no more days and nights of taking photos, uploading photos, cropping photos, storing packing supplies, packing items, printing mailing labels, driving to the post office and hope you packed that glass vase well enough that it will get to its destination without getting broken. Then you hope that the person will give you great feedback so you can continue with your business.

Move to present day March 2015 and I have been in DS Domination about a month or so. I will be honest with you, as this is the basic foundation for me and my business; I haven’t sold anything on eBay yet. But I blame myself for not reading directions and not being focused enough.

I am not going to blame DSD for my lack of sales. I know without a doubt, selling on eBay works, IF you follow the training from your team leader and are consistent and focused.

Now back to my “out of comfort zone” accountability statement;

1. Create a video (DONE, See video above)
2. I am going to sign up as an affiliate for DS Domination (DONE)
3. I am going to join our team “Blitz” that begins tomorrow, April 1, 2015 (DONE)
4. I am going to increase my listings each day
5. I will learn how to research keywords better (I’ve always had problems with keywords)
6. I will offer help to those who are serious and want to join with me to create our own team of winners

Want To Know What Put The Fire Under MeDo you realize that the 6 statements I made above are really giving a jolt to my system (freaking out) but I have been online enough to know that if you don’t take steps away from what you know and are familiar with, you will not succeed.

Want to know what put the fire under me? I will tell you… I looked back at my earnings over the last 3 months and I could actually see the difference in my income when I was focused and consistent, versus when I slacked off and wasn’t following my business plan. Chery Schmidt and DSD also lit the fire under me. As my dear friend Lesly Federici says, “The Magic is in the Action”

Remember above, I mentioned that I was not going to blame DSD because I haven’t made any sales? And that still holds true. Looking at my finances for the year so far is showing a big drop off in this month (March 2015) in my income. I got a little too over confident because I had worked with eBay in the past and thought, “I know this already, I can do this; no problem.”

Well you guessed it. There is a problem. I didn’t follow directions and I didn’t stay focused and I am not going to let that keep happening. This is another example of the things that set a fire under me to get in place for this team blitz starting tomorrow.

You might ask what about writing your book and I would say, “I am still a writer, I will always be a writer and I still write but let’s face it, writing is not something that will produce an income on a steady basis unless the book is ready to be published and my next one is not ready for publication yet.”

Join me on this exciting journey or sit back and think about it like I did for months before doing anything.  

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You and only you are the one who can make a difference in your lifestyle.

Only a little over 2 hours EST and the Fearless Dominators Team Blitz begins. 

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Want To Know What Put The Fire Under Me?