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Lesly_Federici-Author1Lesly Federici is a Registered Nurse (RN) who has been online since 1998 – she’s seen and experienced a few things on the internet since then!

She created her first website in that same year (http://leslynotes.com) which is devoted to childbirth education.

Lesly has educated many expectant couples from around the world online.

Lesly is also a “Community Marketer” is CEO of the Power Affiliate Club (http://poweraffiliateclub.com) which focuses on promoting bloggers, their content and affiliate programs.

Lesly has authored several books on childbirth education, a children’s book, and currently working on a book called “Internet Wisdom for Graying Marketers” to be published soon.

Lesly lives in New Jersey with her husband, son, 2 awesome dogs, and a recluse cat.


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