Each week I will schedule an interview with an author, at least one, maybe more to talk with.

They will be talking about their latest published book but mostly the interviews are centered around the writing and the publishing process and the steps needed to make a book a reality and for sale on a major website with your name as the “Writer” on the cover.

That’s an awesome feeling to see your name on your first published book; a paperback book that you can actually hold in your hand.

The publishing process is not that hard but there are quite a few steps to take to get it right so the finished product will look right on a physical page and/or a Kindle. 

The good news is that once you’ve done one, the other is not that hard; just a few simple changes in the formatting between paperback and electronic formats.

If you are an author or know a self-published author that would like to get some exposure and talk about their writing and publishing process, contact me so we can schedule an interview.

Meet The Author Interviews:

Ryan Biddulph

Maxwell Ivey, Jr. 

Dana Gore

Lorraine Reguly

BG Jenkins

Lesly Federici






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