Are You The Type of a Blogger and Writer That People Would MissDid you miss me? 

One day I would like to be the type of a blogger and writer that people miss if I don’t make a post each week.  I am disappointed in myself that last week was the first time in almost a year that I did not have a blog post ready for Monday morning.  But the past is gone and we can’t change it and we are moving forward.

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As I have mentioned before my blog is going through transition in both looks and content with the focus being on creative writing, stories I write and books that I have written and more I intend to write. 

On this new journey, I realized that I would have to shift my way of thinking and learn more about and follow already established bloggers, writers and authors who are also doing the marketing of their own books.

I have started following a few “new to me” blogs over the past few weeks and I believe I have found at least three great bloggers and authors that have already traveled down the writing path that I am on now.

The first is Joanna Penn from The Creative  (Love that name, don’t you?); Mary Jaksch from and Carol Tice from

There is so much to take in that I sometimes wonder when I will have time to participate in NaNoWriMo in November 2014 – but I WILL.  I have made up my mind to take on this challenge and do the best I can.

Okay, now that I have rattled on in sort of a brain dump mode, I would like to share one free tool I found this week.

To begin with, I was obviously having problems with a blog topic and so I Googled “how to come up with random blog topics” and would you believe on HubSpot I found a free tool for a blog topic generator?  Don’t Know What to Write About? Get Ideas From the Blog Topic Generator [Free Tool] by Ginny Soskey

It helped with some ideas but to be truthful, listening to Joanna’s interview by Trevor Young gave me more inspiration for this blog than anything. 

Joanna started out pretty much the same as I did, not knowing exactly what to do between writing and marketing.  She was determined and kept at it and she is now a very successful author and speaker, as well as still sharing her knowledge with her blog readers.

There are many writing sites online and it’s all a matter of finding what resonates with you and knowing the signs of that “down deep gut feeling” when you find someone that you want to learn more from; Joanna Penn – Mary Jaksch – Carol Tice gave me that “down deep gut feeling.” 

I also looked for forums on writing and I will be checking those out.  Over time and I will share my review of the forums I find most valuable. 

Since Bubblews does not seem to be answering my support ticket and overall it seems like many of the revenue sharing writing sites are failing (i.e. Squidoo), I will be adding my short stories and articles to my blog under the heading of “Blue Jean Writer’s Voice”  


Lesly Federici and I have created a unique community called Power Blogging and Affiliate Community that is growing day by day. We have some awesome contributing authors on the PAC part of the site; Power Affiliate Club –  Feel free to stop by and take a look and read some of the great posts from our authors and see what we are about.

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Now that you know the plans for the future of the blog, it’s time to start getting to work and sharing some of the knowledge, tips and tricks I have learned over the years; writing, publishing, working with WordPress and things that make my online life easier and I hope they will help you too.

Writing Prompt:

Write a short story where freedom is won in some way.  Provided by


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