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I am always hunting for pictures and memes to use either in my posts on Facebook or Twitter, as well as on my own blog. There are many places out there that share their photos and I for one appreciate them greatly.

Make sure that any pictures you use are allowed to be used so you don’t infringe on any copyright.  Look for something along this line to decide if you can use the picture/photo or not; 

CC0 License

✓ Free for personal and commercial use

✓ Attribution IS required

This is  under Creative Commons Zero license

I decided, while I don’t have a tremendous amount of memes and photos to share, I will share what I have with only the request that my name and web URL stay on the photo when you use it.  I try to make them small, so not to distract from the picture when I can. 

I will add new pictures and photos from time to time.

My photos and memes are here for your use and enjoyment but I would appreciate no changes and that my copyright mark to be left on the original photo/picture.

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