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treasures_monna_ellithorpe-Treasures or Resources; whatever you want to call them.  This section will be devoted to tips and tricks and ideas I’ve come across that will help you in your daily online business. 

This will include quick computer tips, easy software I’ve found to make things easier, book writing tips, publishing ideas and many more.  

Most will be no charge but some will have a cost to them and I do represent the products I use.

I will make a note such as (Aff.) if I receive a commission when you buy from my link.

Many of the things I will share with you are every day common things you may or may not know about already but they will be here if you need them at any time. 

If you have any computer or publishing shortcuts, tips or things to share with others, send me an email at:  >>>Treasures Tips and Work-Arounds







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