There Is No Perfect Time But Plenty Of Excuses


There Is No Perfect Time But Plenty Of ExcusesIf you waited for a “perfect time” to do the important things you want to do in life, nothing would ever get done.  Am I right or wrong?  
I watched a video this week where the speaker talked about how so many people have put off working towards their dream until it was too late.

He asked, “I wonder how many stories, songs or paintings would the world have gained if the people in this graveyard would have not waited for the “Perfect Time?”  I know it’s an “in your face” reality that none of us want to think about. 

So, my post for this week is not about that but about NOT waiting for a perfect time because there is no such thing. 
I am taking my own advice because for a long time now I have wanted to create a writing group to keep me on track with my own books.  I want to work to encourage people to use writing as an outlet for themselves or to finally start writing that book or novel that you have always had in the back of your mind. 

You may even have notes that you have jotted down at times over the years but you always had an excuse for not sitting down and writing.  Do you have journals or diaries that you have written? There is the start of your autobiography right there. 

My excuses are over. I’ve created The Create Yourself Writing Workshop and my “intention” is to encourage and work with people who haven’t started their book, for whatever reason.  The group is closed, so no one but the members will see your writing until you are ready to make it public.
Some of the members of the group are already published authors and some are just starting.  Can you see the power of a group like this?  You may be just starting but you have the opportunity to talk with people who have already published books (myself included).  

Take your time in doing your writing but don’t allow yourself to make up excuses not to write. Do some writing every single day either about something in general or working towards your main “intention” (your book).  

There Is No Perfect Time But Plenty Of ExcusesCreate your own space or area to write. It should be an area where you can leave it and come back to it any time you want.  You never know when an idea or a thought will come to you.  Take advantage of your iPhone or iPad to make notes or recordings if you are out and about. 

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There are two members in the group so far who have already started taking action.  One man in particular, John Dyhouse told me he has always wanted to write a book but always came up with an excuse for not doing it.  

He is now taking action and also blogging about his progress. You can read about his progress so far on his blog: A Novel Appears 

John, you have done my heart good making my dream of the Create Yourself Writing Workshop actually inspire someone to take action so quickly in such a newly formed group.

I am so looking forward to more members joining and starting to take action.  Lesly Federici is another member who has announced in the group; “getting close to biting the bullet to write my story .. I think …”   We are here to support you Lesly.  Remember, there is no perfect time. 

checkmarkredIf you enjoyed this post, please comment and share with everyone.  We are going to have a fabulous time.  
Who knows, you may be working along side the next Best Selling Author. 
Don’t Excuse Yourself Out Of The Success You Want – 2013-2014 (c) Monna Ellithorpe