There Is A Fine Line Between Writing and Marketing

Writers don’t want to be Marketers and Marketers don’t want to be Writers but in real life, to succeed in writing, you have to learn marketing and in marketing, you have to learn writing.  Which means: “There is a fine line between writing and marketing.”

Catch-22 What Do You Do?

finelinesbetweenwritingandmarketing-300x225For a long time, a lot of writers didn’t want to cross that line and I am among one of those who could not see how narrow-minded that was. I was loyal to my writing and nothing was going to get me to cross that line again. I thought people would not take me seriously as a writer if I spent time marketing.


Maybe you are approaching or already to that imaginary line within the two professions and you just don’t know what to do. 


Unless you are living independently without worrying about money coming in, then you can pay someone or a company to do your marketing and advertising for you and you can continue writing merrily along with your next project. 


Most of us do not fall within that area of privilege and we have to be both writer and advertiser for our writing or books to get noticed and make sales but we also have to seek a form(s) of passive income to pay bills so that we are able to move forward with our dreams. 


Marketers also have to write in order to keep their blogs alive, along with writing articles, Twitter posts, Facebook posts and keep yourself in the spotlight of your social media platforms all of the time.


This Strategy Is Perfect

Fortunately, I have a couple of suggestions for you that work for me and some of my writing colleagues. This strategy is perfect for the dilemma that writers face and also solves some problems that marketers face. 


If you aren’t aware or have never heard of PAC (The Power Affiliate Club) then I have some valuable information to share with you. 


PAC: Members Helping Members (Powered by Bloggers, Member Driven) is an exceptional group of people who work hard every day to make their dreams come true, no matter what they are. 


PAC’s membership includes; Doctors, Nurses, Writers, Poets, Photographers, Artists, Graphic Designers, Nutritionists, Video Specialists, Life Coaches, Business Coaches, Spiritual Coaches, Blogging Experts, Therapists, Marketing Consultants, Social Media Experts, Self Employed Entrepreneurs, Virtual Assistants, Teachers, Realtors and I am sure there are more professions I have failed to mention. 


My point is that each member freely devotes time and energy to build the PAC Community and in turn they receive help with advertising, sharing of their blogs and Facebook Fan Pages likes, shares and comments and shares on other social media sites. The more effort you put into the Community, the more recognition you will receive for you and your profession. 


Now doesn’t this sound like an awesome solution to your tight-rope act of trying to decide every day whether to devote your precious time to writing or marketing or the chosen dream you are working towards? 


Devote maybe 30 minutes or one hour or more each day to the PAC Community and your efforts will be acknowledged in many different ways and by many different people. 


The Power Affiliate Club is free to join but there are paid levels available that give you more “Perks” within the Community. 


We have been told we are charging way less than we should. One reason for that is because we know how hard it is to get started and paying out large amounts of money each month is just not doable for most people. We have all agreed that we can provide value, support and encouragement at reasonable rates without compromising the benefits to our members.


Read more about PAC and the Community at and the benefits of becoming a PAC’r.


One of the ways that some of the PAC members have found to advertise and also earn some extra money is to join Traffic Monsoon – If you are interested in how we support each other, contact me at and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Share Up To 110 % - 10% Affiliate Program


Okay, I admit it, I am quite biased when it comes to PAC since I am co-owner and co-founder of PAC, along with Lesly Federici but it is something we both believe is going to continue to grow and keep providing value online for years to come.


I also would like to take a minute and acknowledge Kathryn Maclean who has graciously stepped up to be our “Welcome Lady” to greet all of our new members. Stop and say Hi to Kathryn and let her know she is doing a fantastic job.


Wednesday afternoons at 3:00 pm EST we have a Community Hangout. You may want to stop by and check that out to see what’s going on. Look for the reminder posts on Facebook with the Hangout link to join in.



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