For years while being online we have been taught by many different people and sources to keep your blogs or websites centered and focused on one topic or “niche” only and build 100’s of single niche sites. 


Obviously since Google has done all of the algorithm changes it has in the past and still continues to change things, it is almost completely impossible to make a single niche site to be productive in any way. So, I would like to share  

“The Secrets To Your Internet Estate.”

I suppose there are some exceptions to this rule but frankly I’m tired of being jerked around by Google and the other search engines. Now, they are saying that our sites and blogs should be focused towards the reader; shouldn’t they have been that way all along?

I know I am not the only one who feels this way but many of us have decided to bring our hard work home to the main estate and everything will be under one roof.

If we are self branding and making a name and reputation for ourselves, then we should let our sites and/or blogs reflect who we actually are.

The Secrets To Your Internet Estate-aNone of us are one dimensional, two or even three dimensional. All of us have many different interests.  

So why not let our readers get to know us as we really are, as well as our different interests and all of the facets of our lives that makes us who we are?


Some examples of people I know who are already doing this or are in the process of doing this right now are:

Lesly Federici @ – Lesly is a Registered Nurse, an artist, a writer and an affiliate marketer, as well as Co-founder and Co-creator of PAC (The Power Affiliate Club)

Jacs Henderson @ – Jacs has a little bit of everything she does all in one house (her blog) and when you come to her blog, you can find out pretty much everything you would want to know about Jacs.

Dr. Elise Cohen Ho @ – Elise has sections of her blog that clearly shows her interests of health and lifestyle, business and cooking.

Joan Harrington @ – Joan’s blog is another perfect example of Joan keeping all of her interests in the same location.

I could go on and on naming many, many successful bloggers who have decided that everything about them, what they do and their brand should stay in the same house (blog).

You should think of your blog as your main house and your interests are in different rooms (which are your tabs, pages and posts). You don’t need to create too many “rooms” (tabs) because the more rooms you have the more cluttered and confusing your site navigation will be.

The Secret To Building Your Blog Under One Roof-a


For example: I am a writer, a published author, a teacher, a coach, affiliate and network marketing, I provide self publishing book services and also WordPress blog set up. So my site navigation can be contained in about 4 or 5 rooms (tabs) such as “Writing” – “Marketing” – “Services” – “Teaching” and “About Me,” which is still a work in progress on my site.

Five tabs pretty much covers anything you would want to know about me and what I do online. Of course there are going to be sub-categories off of the tabs which will show more detailed information about different subjects and topics.

And the “Secret” to all of this is…

Be yourself
Follow Your Dreams
Stay True to Your Values
Share Your Knowledge Freely

As long as you are continually providing great content, helpful tips and show true concern for those who need to learn just like you did in the beginning, everything will turn out good and everyone will benefit each time they visit your “Internet Estate” (your Blog; your website, etc.).

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