The Magic is in the Action


MonnaEllithorpe-The Magic is in the ActionEvery Sunday afternoon I sit down and start working on my blog post for the week.  I like to have it up and live by the time I go to bed on Sunday night, so my readers can read it Monday morning while having their breakfast.  

This week I had intended to do a video showing me opening a gift I received from a good friend online, Lesly Federici but for some reason my web cam is freezing up and will not record anything, so I will just tell you about it and show you a picture.  

I joined Lesly’s “Our Power Blogging Tribe” a couple of months ago. I know I have mentioned it before but I want to make sure you understand how powerful a group like this can be for your self-esteem, which in turn inspires you and then motivates you to focus on achieving whatever your dream or business is. 

MonnaEllithorpe-The Magic is in the Action3Each week we have an “accountability meeting” to share what we have accomplished during the week.  Lesly sent this gift out of the goodness of her heart because we all have done so well and we DO “work well together.”  

The cup (in case you cannot read it) says; “The Magic is in the Action” which is what we are striving for; to keep each other in action, moving forward and achieving our dreams. Thank you so much Lesly for your tireless efforts to keep our group on track and thank you for the coffee cup.

I would like to introduce you to three woman who makes working online fun and they are each special in their own ways and in what they do and love. 

Lesly Federici, RN
– is a Registered Nurse turned Network Marketer! She loves the internet and believes it to be a creative and innovative method for building relationships and business online. Lesly is also the creator of the “Our Power Blogging Tribe” on Facebook. Lesly believes the best opportunities in life are ones that are self generated. To learn more about Lesly, visit her on Facebook Contact her too – she’d love to hear from you.


Dr.-Erica-Goodstone-Dr. Erica Goodstone – is a RELATIONSHIP HEALER, is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Marriage Therapist, Sex Therapist, Body Mind Awareness Therapist, and Personal/Life and Health/Wellness Coach.  As a practicing therapist and former professor for several decades, Dr. Erica has taught thousands of men and women how to heal through love, improve their health and well-being, and create loving relationships that last. Facebook: 

Erika-MobeykErika Mobeyk – http://betotaltp:// – has been living with her family in Iran until 1980 two years after the revolution, then in Germany and now lives in Canada; She speaks Farsi with her husband and kids and German to the grandchildren.  She owns an organic farm, “off grid” and live outside of town.  She loves nature and is interested in health and fitness, natural healing and personal development.  She started Internet Marketing, believing that working from home and doing what you love is going to be the future.


Stop by and say “Hi” to my friends. I’m sure they would appreciate it and so would I.

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