I am interrupting my Social Media Series on Cross Posting to add this post about a new WordPress Plugin called Team Site Traffic that has been developed and will be on available to YOU and every one on June 17, 2014.

Team Site Traffic WordPress PluginTeam Site Traffic 

This plugin is the result of the vision of its creator, Gavin Mountford who is beginning to be very well known online with his unique way of teaching and training for internet and network marketing.  I met Gavin a few months ago when I joined in with his Facebook Challenge and I learned even more things about marketing online and building relationships.

You may wonder why I am promoting a WordPress plugin when most everything I do is about writing.  Well, I will tell you… after you are done writing you need to learn to promote your work and get it in front of people so they will be interested in buying what you have written.  Make sense?


My intention for this plugin when it is available on June 17, 2014 is to use this in my Create Yourself Writing Workshop.  It will help the group tremendously in advertising the members’ books they have written.  

What better way to get the word out than have a team of people advertising for the benefit of the group?

Create A Team Or Work With a Team You Already Have


If you have a team already or a group (it doesn’t matter what type of program or group you have) everyone needs traffic and this plugin is just what you need.  Just look what comes with Team Site Traffic WordPress plugin;
  • As of today, June 14, 2014 there are 3 free training videos available
  • For showing your interest before the plugin/software you will receive a 9 page PDF … which is the EXACT Blueprint You need  for building Your own Team Site in only 30 days
  • Gavin provides Full Support in everything he does 
  • There are Bonuses for you if you are an Affiliate Marketer
  • See more in the video below as Gavin explains his vision…
There are only a few more days left, so enter your name and email in the optin box below to get your 9 page PDF … which is the EXACT Blueprint You need for building Your own Team Site in only 30 days