Below is a video that my partner, Dave D. Williamson made while I was tag trading on TagVillage on Thursday, 2/10/2011.  Tag trading can change your way of thinking about earning a living from working on the internet.

I have had people ask me about the money in TagVillage.  To answer that question, TagVillage is still in beta, so there are still “tweaks” to be made and improvements and additions to come throughout the whole system as it grows and adds more exciting features.

The money shows in the back office of TagVillage when you fund your account, buy tags and/or keywords and when another member buys tags and/or keyword from you, but until TagVillage is out of beta, it has yet to be determined when the payouts will be made but there is no doubt in my mind that the payouts will be forthcoming and continue.

TagVillage works on the basis of credits.  Each credit is worth $1.00 each.   It is simple and straight forward.  There are no catches or gimmicks.

Sit back and enjoy watching our “first day” trading results with Tag Village from the comfort of your home!

Now that you have watched the live trading in TagVillage and have seen first-hand how easy it is, come join me and let me show YOU how to do the keyword research so you can search for and buy “HOT” keywords so you can profit from them from now on.