Day 92 Weight Loss Journey Keep Me Accountable

Day 92 Weight Loss Journey Keep Me Accountable

Day 92 Weight Loss Journey Keep Me AccountableThree and a half months ago if you had told me that I would be doing this well on the Weight Watcher’s New Points System diet, I would have said you were crazy but here I am at: Day 92 Weight Loss Journey Keep Me Accountable.

See my Facebook Live video below to find out how much I’ve lost and “Yes,” I’m actually having fun doing this.

I won’t lie to you and tell you there aren’t some days that I just want to say, “I’m done, this is taking too long” but I haven’t quit and that is exactly why I started this public Weight Loss Journey because I knew I wouldn’t quit if I were being held accountable for it.

Above is another one of my Facebook Live videos that I do every Thursday to account for the weight I’ve lost during the past week.

I’m not that comfortable with doing videos, “YET and STILL” but I’m going to keep doing them, no matter what.  

Thank you for watching my video and all the support and encouragement I’ve received. 

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Monna Ellithorpe




Weight Loss Journey – Day 33

Weight Loss Journey – Day 33


Weight Loss Journey - Day 33Good morning or afternoon wherever you are in the world. I hope today is a good one for you.  This is my Thursday update of my “Weight Loss Journey – Day 33.”  


I will be adding a Facebook Live later today announcing my success so far.  I haven’t kept up very well with my Facebook Live videos but “I AM” keeping myself accountable.


So be sure to watch  my show from my Facebook Page; Monna Ellithorpe / Author and Writer  I usually go live with my videos about 6:30 pm EST but if you can’t make it, there is always the replay. 


I know I repeat myself when I talk about the new Weight Watchers Smart Points Program (Non Aff.) but it’s hard not to when you can truthfully say that you are having fun on this “diet.”  


Now, have you EVER heard anyone say that before?  I haven’t and I sure didn’t think I would ever be saying it.

Weight Loss Journey - Day 33 April-May-

As you can see from the calendars of April and May 2017, at 33 days on the program, I’m doing very well in terms of staying within my points range.  April 13th, I couldn’t eat everything I was supposed to eat, so no blue dot.  May 6th, I went a little bit over and used some of my weekly points (which they call wiggle room but I call them Wiggle Points) and no blue dot there either.  


You can still eat pretty much what you want to eat but you need to be honest with yourself and use your SmartPhone or the computer to look up the points of something you want to eat.  


Oh, and did I tell you that going to the grocery store is the most fun thing to do now.  Using your SmartPhone and the Weight Watchers phone app, you can scan the bar codes of the items you are considering buying and it will tell you how many points it is.  


I have a confession to make but it was and has been an honest mistake.  A few things I’ve scanned and decided it would fit into my daily plan, I did forget to read and see how many servings were in the package.  For example, today I had some tomato soup.  I scanned the bar code and it came up as 7 points which is a little high but I need to make another trip to the grocery store.  


I don’t know about you but I read labels a lot of times when I’m eating.  Wouldn’t you know that container held two servings instead of one?  I had already eaten most of it, so I will be going over my daily points today but not by much. I’ll just have a salad and a tangerine for dinner this evening.


That is a lesson learned and thinking back, I’m sure I’ve done that on a few other things, not realizing it but I’m still eating healthier and less than I was, so it all evens out.


I normally do a Facebook Live video at 6:30 pm EST on Thursdays to let everyone know how I’ve done the past week but for some reason by phone is not wanting to cooperate with the Facebook Live app.  I’ve tried multiple times with no success, so I’ll tell you my results here and hopefully I can figure out what the video problem is.


I’ve been on the Weight Watchers Smart Points Program (Non Aff.) now for 34 days and I have lost a total of 15.5 pounds. The amount I lost over the past week is just 2 pounds but they tell me that is pretty normal and I am happy with that. 


Since I’ve kind of gotten off track with the FB Live not working right for me, I’ll publish this post and work on getting the technical problems worked out by next Thursday. 


Weight Loss Journey - Keep Me Accountable

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Weight Loss Journey Day 21

Weight Loss Journey Day 21

Weight Loss Journey Day 21I guess I was a little excited today to get on those scales and weigh in; I woke up about 4am.  I never thought I’d ever hear myself say anything like that but for my Weight Loss Journey Day 21, I lost another 1.5 pounds.  Not quite as good as I was hoping for but still a loss and I’m happy with that.  

I’ve lost a total of 11 pounds since I started my Weight Loss Journey.  I’m still having fun with it and I believe having fun, along with my determined mindset is what is taking me through this journey without much of a problem. 

I did have one day last week where I had to keep telling myself that I was being held accountable for this journey and I was going to stick to it.  I believe that if for not the accountability that I set up for myself with the Facebook Live videos and the posts, that I probably would have went ahead and ate some not so healthy foods (i.e. junk food).

I’m guessing that almost everyone reading this post has been on at least one kind of diet or more in their lifetime; Am I right or wrong?  

There are so many weight loss programs out there now, it is hard to decide what will work for you.  Years ago when I was younger, I went on a low carbohydrate diet and lost a lot of weight and kept it off for many, many years.  

I tried a low carbohydrate diet this time with very little results but again, I didn’t challenge myself with the accountability.  Let’s face it, as we become older it is harder to lose the weight. 

As I mentioned in my earlier Facebook Live videos, my daughter bought me a three month subscription to Weight Watchers Online (non aff.)  and that is the weight loss program I am on.

Note: If you are a member of, (Aff.) they offer $5.00 back when you join the Weight Watchers program.  Ebates offers money back from lots of places when you purchase from them.  Just to name a few; Amazon, Walmart, Kohl’s, Hostgator and GoDaddy.  
Ebates Coupons and Cash Back


Visit my Facebook Fan Page Monna Ellithorpe / Author & Writer to catch up on my previous Facebook Live videos on my weight loss progress.

What kind of a weight loss program have you had success with?  Please share with us in the comments section. 

Years ago, I tried NutriSystem (Non Aff.).  The food was good, just the seasonings and things they used were not what I like.  There were a few items that I absolutely loved but it’s been so long now, I don’t remember what they were.  

Again, I would love to hear what worked for you in the way of a weight loss program.  

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Monna Ellithorpe



Weight Loss Journey Day 15

Weight Loss Journey Day 15

Weight Loss Journey Day 15-1How many times have we all started on a diet, only to let it go by the wayside a few weeks later? 

I know I’ve done this myself, too many times to count.

I also started my Facebook Live videos and I decided I would make myself accountable on my blog and on Facebook every day with my videos.  

You can catch my Facebook Live videos on my YouTube channel here >>> Weight Loss Journey – Keep Me Accountable and also on my Facebook Fan Page Monna Ellithorpe / Author & Writer

I’ve only missed about two days of the videos but I haven’t missed any days in keeping my points iin check using Weight Watchers online.

I have found out that I don’t have what you would call an addictive personality. What I have is a stubborn personality. So what does this mean? It means I wasn’t hooked on smoking and didn’t have any kind of withdrawal symptoms; I didn’t want to quit. I enjoyed it.

The day I decided to give up smoking I had the determined mindset, this is what I wanted to do and I had no problem.

I’m guessing the weight loss is about the same way.

1.) I didn’t realize how much weight I had put on.

2.) Once my stress levels at home lessened, I didn’t feel the need to eat for comfort or stubbornness.

Of course, my daughter worried about my health and I was beginning to worry about it myself. I was having a hard time breathing and walking or doing much of anything.

Along with these reasons and the fact that I want to weigh less for my daughter’s wedding in August 2017, I started a diet on my own.

I was doing okay but not anything to brag about because I wasn’t being strict on myself. My daughter saw I was having problems with it and for Mother’s Day (early present) she signed me up for the online Weight Watchers program.

I’m on Day 15 and down 6 pounds on Weight Watchers (3 pounds a week) and I lost 3-1/2 pounds on my own in a month. So the Weight Watchers program we know does work much better. I’m down a total of 9-1/2 pounds.

Weight Loss Journey-video cover

I’m a computer geek and being able to record everything online by typing in the name of what I’m eating is so easy. Weight Watchers shows the graphs with my weight decline (which I don’t want you to see yet) and also shows the blue dots on the days that I have stayed within my points range. This keeps me inspired to continue do this.

Weight Loss Journey Day 15

As you can see by the red arrow, on April 13th, I didn’t get a blue dot. It wasn’t because I went over my points. Truth; I could not eat anymore food to use up my points. I had 7 points left over that day.

I would like to show you some more screen shots from the inside of my Weight Watchers account. But I don’t think they would appreciate that.

You can take a look around and read up on Weight Watchers (Non Aff.)

They do have a 50% off special which I just found out about but it ends tomorrow, Saturday April 22, 2017 at 11:59 pm EST.

Ebates (Aff.) is offering $5.00 back when you buy from Weight Watchers. I am an affiliate of Ebates, so I would receive compensation if you click on my link to Ebates.

Read about my journey from the beginning Weight Loss Journey.  It’s only been two weeks but it’s still been a “Journey” and surprisingly a “fun” one. 

I don’t think I’ve mentioned anything about the elliptical bike that I bought to help me along this journey. I can’t do too much on it yet until I lose a little more weight. But I do try to increase the amount of exercise I do each day. Its called an Exerpeutic Aero Air Elliptical.  I’ll be doing a full review on this in a day or two. 

These are a few other things that are recommended by Weight Watchers to help with your weight loss program.

The longer I am on this weight loss journey, the more time I will have to do complete reviews of the products I try.  I can tell you right now, the cookbooks, you’ll have to judge for yourself because “I don’t cook.”

Maybe someone you know is struggling to lose weight or maybe you, yourself have problems sticking to a diet. I urge you to check out this program.  If you have any questions, put them in the comments section or contact me and I’d be happy to answer them for you.

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Monna Ellithorpe






Weight Loss Journey

Weight Loss Journey

I’ll be the first to admit that I have not always taken care of myself like I should. I like food and I eat pretty much Weight Loss Journeywhat I want. I’ve always had problems with my weight but it really got out of hand after I quit smoking.  So join in with me or follow me as I start this “Weight Loss Journey.”

In the past when I would try to lose weight, I really wouldn’t tell anyone about it.  That way if I messed up or just stopped all together, I didn’t have to be accountable to anyone but myself and that guilt feeling would go away pretty quickly with a bowl of ice cream or chips.

This time it’s going to be different. I have a few reasons that I am going to put this out in the public.

  1. Hold myself accountable for staying on my “Weight Loss Journey.”
  2. I am so sick and tired of being in pain, sick and tired all of the time.
  3. I look at other people and wonder if they feel like I do or are they okay with it? I decided if they were okay with the extra weight, then I could be okay with it too. That’s just wrong.
  4. My daughter is getting married at the end of August 2017. I may not be down to my total goal of weight loss by that time but I ‘WILL’ weigh less than I do now; for her and myself.
  5. I have two wonderful grandchildren that I want to be around to see them grow up, marry and have children or whatever they decide to do in life. My granddaughter wants to be a veterinarian and I’m sure my grandson wants to play professional baseball. I want to be there for both of those events.

So my blog is going to take a bit of a different turn for a while as I start my “Weight Loss Journey” and I am also challenging myself to do Facebook Live videos each day with my progress. 

As I mentioned before, I used to be a smoker and smoked for about 40 years.  One day 6-1/2 years ago, I was given a choice of not knowing where I would be living or give up smoking and live in a beautiful house, in a gated community with my second mom.  Well, that was a “no-brainer.” 

I sort of surprised myself that I quit smoking December 15, 2010 at 11am in the morning and I haven’t gone back. I did buy a couple of the throw away e-cigarettes in the last 6-1/2 years but I didn’t really use them at all. I just had them there in case I got a little weak and thought about smoking again.

Weight Loss JourneySo I do have the willpower needed. It just has to be a decision made in my own time and for my own reasons and that time is “NOW.”

Stay tuned for tomorrow when I will be doing my first Facebook Live video. I’m not a fan of doing videos but I think this time it is important for many reasons. I’m not sure yet what time I will go live but you can always catch the replay or the re-run of “The Monna Ellithorpe Show.” 

Weight Loss JourneyPlease share this and tell all your friends and associates, so you can keep me accountable for my “Weight Loss Journey” over the next  “XX” months.

Have you had similar problems with your weight in the past? 

Share your story in the comments section below and let me know how you did it. 

What worked for you?