Live Streaming Using Live Stream Profits

Have you gotten the word yet?  You know, the one where live streaming is already one of the best methods of getting the word out to people on things that can help them with their online business.  I was introduced to Live Stream Profits the other day by my good friend Donna Merrill.

Let me tell you, this training course is amazing and I’m just now starting Section 3 of Module 4.

Live Streaming Using Live Stream Profits

I think any of us that have tried using Facebook Live or any of the other methods of going live online are aware of the basic things we need to do but Sameer goes into detail about each section.

(1)   Have notes ready on what you are going to talk about.
(2)   Speak clearly and with a normal tone (Conversation up and down. No yelling.)
(3)   Correct lighting.
(4)   Make sure that you are well groomed.
(5)   And one of the most important things I think we all need to remember is that the fear you have is just something you’ve made up to get in your own way.

Dr. Sameer Joshi is the creator of this course and although I don’t usually recommend anything without fully testing it out myself, there are sometimes exceptions and this is one of those times.

Donna Merrill from Donna Merrill Tribe has been working closely with Sameer on this course and she is offering free admission to her 30 Day Challenge Live Stream Profits for anyone who purchases this course through my link.button_i-want-live-stream-profits

That is the exception to my rule. If Donna Merrill is on board and also offering personal one on one training with Live Stream Profits in the Private Facebook group, that’s a no-brainer in my opinion.

Are you a little shy about putting yourself in front of a camera, let alone being live?  Does the thought of no going back, no edit button, no cutting or splitting, adding or subtracting put you into a frozen zombie state?

The world of Facebook Live is going to see you exactly the way you are and that is what people want to see. Everyone wants to know that someone they are learning from goes through the same fears, trials and frustrations that you do.

And I just found out a few short hours ago that along with her 30 Day Challenge, Donna is offering to work with us personally when you buy this course at this ridiculously low price, just give her a shout out and she will schedule a practice Facebook Live video with you to get you started on the right track.



Did I mention the incredible low price of $9.95 with a 30 day money back guarantee?  I don’t see how Sameer is offering this much valuable training for less than the price of good sized pizza – AND – Donna Merrill offering her training with it.

Donna and her husband David are wonderful people and I jumped on this chance to get to work with Donna again.

I’m not going to lie to you. I’ve been thinking I need to find a coach to work with. I sometimes still have a hard time trusting my own judgment and I lose a great deal of valuable time that I could be using to move my business forward.

I don’t know if you believe in signs or things happen for a reason but I do and this was right there for taking action the other day and I had no hesitations whatsoever.  Donna’s participation in this was the greatest factor for me and why I had no qualms about recommending a course without my fully testing it out yet.

The Live Stream Profits course includes:

Basic Training
Module 1:
Why Live Stream
The Perfect Student

Module 2: Basics of Live Stream
The Ideal Location
The Right Equipment
Members Only Facebook Group
Live Call and Traffic Training

Module 3: Overcoming Fears
Understanding Fear
Trips to “Trick” Fear
Be “Do”-ru Not a Guru
What About Traffic?

Module 4: Facebook Live on Mobile
Going Live
2-Person Broadcast

Module 5: Stream Destination
Deciding Stream Destination
Creating a Page
Creating a Group

Module 6: Privacy Settings
Ultra-Targeted Viewership
List Segmentation

Module 7: Facebook Live on Desktop
Live Feature in Post

Moduel 8: Scheduling Your Live Stream
Importance of Scheduling
Scheduling Using Posts

Module 9: Live Stream Money-Making Mastery
Things You Must Get Right
XYZ Formula to AIDA-Headlines
Value-to-Pitch Proportion
The Right Length of Live Stream
Affiliate Marketing Basics
Finding Products to Promote
Using Major Affiliate Networks
Ninja Tactics to Boost Engagement

Module 10: Super-Engaging Live Stream Topics
Evergreen Live Video Topics
Your Life’s Soapbox Topics

Module 11: Content Strategy & Planning
Why You Need a Content Strategy
Planning Your Content Topics
Tracking Your Implementation

Module 12: Basics of YouTube Live Stream
YouTube Live Stream
YouTube Account Setup
Software You’ll Need
Stream Now
Streaming from Mobile

Module 13: Super-Ninja Leverage Tactic
Streaming Pre-Recorded Videos

Module 14: Basic Training Wrap-up
Summary of Learnings
Action Items

Module 15: Bonus Trainings
Instagram Stories
Bonus Trainings Wrap-up

>>>>>> And this is just the Basic Training

There are upsells to this course but they are not mandatory to making this work for you.

You can purchase the Pro Level with six Modules in the training and Domination with four more training Modules and Monthly Webinars.

You get “ALL” of the Basic Training for $9.95 AND Donna’s 30 Day Challenge at no extra charge.  The option to upgrade is your choice.button_i-want-live-stream-profits

Click on the blue button throughout the post that says “I Want Live Stream Profits” and then watch your email for further instructions on being invited to Donna Merrill’s 30 Day Challenge.

Once you have purchased and received your confirmation, then get started by going through and familiarizing yourself with the training modules, so you’ll be ready when Donna starts her 30 day challenge.

Thank you so much for your interest and I look forward to seeing you in the Private Facebook Group and also when Donna begins her 30 Day Challenge.

Look me up and we can be “Study Buddies.”

This is what Donna will be offering in her 30 Day Challenge
Regular training and homework
Classes and workshops
Open access to our private, individual coaching throughout the 30 Day Challenge
Personal, one-on-one, totally individualized blueprint for getting your own Live Stream Profits… fast and furious!

I am so excited to get started.  How about you?

Please share this post with your friends and associates. You never know when it will be the “Sign or the Happening For a Reason” for someone else.


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