Kringle Cash TBC Cryptocurrency

kringles_cashIf you are not familiar with TBC or Kringle.Cash cryptocurrency, then you are in for an enlightening post. Kringle.Cash is a smaller denomination of The Billion Coin (TBC) and one TBC coin as of this date 7/27/2017 is valued to be $118,111.84;  That’s right over One Hundred and Eighteen Thousand US Dollars per coin. 

TBC and Kringle.Cash is not as viable right now as Bitcoin is because it has been carefully watched over like a newborn babe.  This was so the coin would always increase in value until it reaches one Billion Euros per coin.

I’ll bet you are wondering how you can get in on this, thinking you don’t have over 118 thousand dollars to spend. This is where Kringle.Cash comes in.  Just like breaking down a one dollar bill into pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters, the Kringle.Cash is the smaller and more manageable way for people to be able to become a part of this great business even though they don’t have much money or any money to invest. 

Anyone can buy Kringle.Cash for as little as $1.00 (one dollar USD), $5.00, $10.00, $15.00, $20.00 or any amount that you feel comfortable with investing. 

But first:

I have a gift for you!
Just a gift to you, my friend!
50,000 Kringle.Cash Coins:  The New Internet Money that people love to use!
50K Kringle.Coins at today’s value is about $34.00 USD. 
You can collect your gift at ( )

It’s a free gift and it appreciates in value daily, so it is an AWESOME GIFT!

Just click on the link and it is self-explanatory.

I promise, you will be AMAZED!

This way you can become an investor in TBC without costing you one red cent.  

You can let the amount continue to grow (approximately 1% to 5% every day) or you can buy more from me.  It’s your choice.

Talking with a friend of mine the other day and she wanted to know if someone would buy her TBC account. I urged her not to do that but of course I will do what I’m asked. I won’t try to change your mind.  I asked her to do but one thing first and that was to sign into her TBC account and see what was there.

She did this and from a one time $40.00 investment in April of 2017, without her doing a thing, her account has grown to over $515.00 USD.  She’s keeping her TBC account. 

If you will, take a few minutes to watch my video below and then if you are still not ready to collect your 50 thousand Kringle.Cash, I thank you for your time.  

If you decide that you want to create your Kringle.Cash account, then you can click here >>>>  to create your Kringle.Cash account.  

If you already have a TBC account, make sure to use the same Login ID and Password that you used for TBC so they can match up the accounts.

If you still aren’t quite sure, leave your question in the comments section below. I answer all comments. 

I truly hope to see you on board with TBC and Kringle.Cash cryptocurrency.  

Almost forgot to mention that you can read what has been going on at the TBC Blog and the latest blog update on July 25, 2017. 


Share this with your friends and associates and again, I do thank you for your time.

Let me know if you decide to take this journey with me.

Monna Ellithorpe