Kringle Cash TBC Cryptocurrency

Kringle Cash TBC Cryptocurrency

kringles_cashIf you are not familiar with TBC or Kringle.Cash cryptocurrency, then you are in for an enlightening post. Kringle.Cash is a smaller denomination of The Billion Coin (TBC) and one TBC coin as of this date 7/27/2017 is valued to be $118,111.84;  That’s right over One Hundred and Eighteen Thousand US Dollars per coin. 

TBC and Kringle.Cash is not as viable right now as Bitcoin is because it has been carefully watched over like a newborn babe.  This was so the coin would always increase in value until it reaches one Billion Euros per coin.

I’ll bet you are wondering how you can get in on this, thinking you don’t have over 118 thousand dollars to spend. This is where Kringle.Cash comes in.  Just like breaking down a one dollar bill into pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters, the Kringle.Cash is the smaller and more manageable way for people to be able to become a part of this great business even though they don’t have much money or any money to invest. 

Anyone can buy Kringle.Cash for as little as $1.00 (one dollar USD), $5.00, $10.00, $15.00, $20.00 or any amount that you feel comfortable with investing. 

But first:

I have a gift for you!
Just a gift to you, my friend!
50,000 Kringle.Cash Coins:  The New Internet Money that people love to use!
50K Kringle.Coins at today’s value is about $34.00 USD. 
You can collect your gift at ( )

It’s a free gift and it appreciates in value daily, so it is an AWESOME GIFT!

Just click on the link and it is self-explanatory.

I promise, you will be AMAZED!

This way you can become an investor in TBC without costing you one red cent.  

You can let the amount continue to grow (approximately 1% to 5% every day) or you can buy more from me.  It’s your choice.

Talking with a friend of mine the other day and she wanted to know if someone would buy her TBC account. I urged her not to do that but of course I will do what I’m asked. I won’t try to change your mind.  I asked her to do but one thing first and that was to sign into her TBC account and see what was there.

She did this and from a one time $40.00 investment in April of 2017, without her doing a thing, her account has grown to over $515.00 USD.  She’s keeping her TBC account. 

If you will, take a few minutes to watch my video below and then if you are still not ready to collect your 50 thousand Kringle.Cash, I thank you for your time.  

If you decide that you want to create your Kringle.Cash account, then you can click here >>>>  to create your Kringle.Cash account.  

If you already have a TBC account, make sure to use the same Login ID and Password that you used for TBC so they can match up the accounts.

If you still aren’t quite sure, leave your question in the comments section below. I answer all comments. 

I truly hope to see you on board with TBC and Kringle.Cash cryptocurrency.  

Almost forgot to mention that you can read what has been going on at the TBC Blog and the latest blog update on July 25, 2017. 


Share this with your friends and associates and again, I do thank you for your time.

Let me know if you decide to take this journey with me.

Monna Ellithorpe



Get The Edge With Facebook Marketing Tips

Social media marketing is growing with each passing day, which is why it’s important for Internet marketers to realize the value of sites like Facebook. With proper planning and resources, you can move into your market and build a group of people who will be responsive to you. When you have something of this magnitude, it always attracts the lower echelons of online marketing. You should know the right method to actually work on using Facebook for your own advantage. Given below are a few tips that will help you out in getting the most out of your Facebook marketing.

In case you’re not familiar at all, it’s ok, but you do need to make a fan page and get it up there. Having a dedicated fan page will allow you to reach out to a large number of people and will let you build your brand slow and steady. There are so many people at Facebook and so many markets represented that it’s almost impossible to not find people in your market. Always view your fan pages as another important part of your marketing machine, and it is! You should not have any issues with easily updating your fan page, so that is something you do not need to be concerned about. Also, you can do things to help your fan page become viral, or you could even ask your current fans to invite people they know, as well. Carefully plan your page, and then think of all the ways in which you can make it appealing. The reason why you shouldn’t ignore creating a fan page is because the kind of exposure you can achieve. However, do not neglect promoting your fan page and keep it growing.

So do all you can to spread the word and do realize that Facebook is serious about their terms of service, so be careful.

Regarding a business profile, do have one and use that for your business marketing activities. It’s a smart idea to keep all personal matters out of your business matters. We’re all human, though, and we would not see any problems with having a little light fun while doing business. In order to break up all the seriousness, you can add some things to your business end to pep people up a little. But just remember your main goal, which is to market your product in the best possible way.

List out your event – you can easily create an events page when you’re launching a new service or product and invite all the friends to it. It is the best and most effective way to market your products. Simple.

In conclusion, the referenced article explains the value of Facebook when it comes to marketing and how it can help to create and build your site brand. Don’t forget that Facebook is a website for socializing, so the more you socialize the better responses you will receive. It might take a long time to see very good results, but you will love the results.

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Top Reasons Why Internet Marketing is Hot

Learn the best way to promote your online business with Viral Submitter on our online marketing blog.

More and more people are finding that internet marketing is a great way to start out in business. One thing that’s changed is that people are no longer afraid to do business over the internet. Companies that may have once relied on offline sales are now realizing how many more people they can reach by marketing online. Shopping online is quickly getting to be as normal and commonplace as shopping at the mall; online sales will soon be in the billions. This constant growth means that starting an online business now is still a ground floor opportunity. Many online entrepreneurs have become quite wealthy, and now have businesses that are practically hands free. Even though there is a lot of hard work and time is involved when it comes to creating an online business but it is all worth it in the end. Once your online business builds momentum, it can really explode. It’s not uncommon for people to start with nothing and, in a relatively short amount of time, be raking in millions. That’s the power of the Internet. This is an ideal time to start an internet marketing business; there is little risk in trying, and a great potential payoff. It’s not a get rich quick scheme but a very reliable business. Let’s now take a look at some of the real advantages offered by online marketing.

Here you can find more info on Viral Submitter PRO on our online marketing blog.

Whatever line of business you’re in, your profit margin is going to be of primary importance. Whatever it is that you are marketing, you are always trying to raise your profit margin. There are few business models that offer as high a profit margin as online marketing. Since the costs involved are low, you are able to keep most of the money you make from your online sales.

There is not much to ‘deduct’ from your overall returns, making online business highly lucrative. Many online marketing products, such as E-Books or anything in electronic format, carry practically no costs; except for an advertising budget, you don’t have to pay anything to make more of these. What you don’t have to worry about at all are the usual expenses of running a business, such as renting warehouse space, shipping and maintaining inventory. This is why it’s possible for an online business to get bigger and more profitable quickly; you have fewer expenses and more time to focus on expansion.

Aside from advertising (which, as we’ve seen, can also be free), there are hardly any costs involved in operating an internet business. Once you get started with your online business, you can grow it a budget of less than a $100 every month. There are a few, small monthly expenses you’ll have; these will probably include a merchant account, an autoresponder so you can create an email list, and, most likely, web hosting. It must be acknowledged that the less money you invest in your online business, the longer it will take to become profitable. Still, it’s good to have the luxury of not having to invest money; you really don’t have this with traditional businesses. Without start up funds, you just can’t market offline at all most of the time.

In conclusion, Internet marketing can offer you the freedom to build a business and a lifestyle that suits your own needs.

There are plenty of people who have realized the benefits of an internet marketing career to generate a healthy income as well as a dream lifestyle.

Submit Articles Free

So, you’ve found out that you can produce an on the web business and make cash if you just distribute articles. Totally free directories are much more than happy to approve content material, you thus spread the word about your web site, and make make money from advertising and product promotion. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Well, although article marketing is not that tough to put into practice, you need to still not take things lightly. There’s a lot of work engaged prior to you are able to turn articles into hyperlinks to your web site. Begin by asking yourself the following questions:

Can I provide useful web content?

Where ought to I submit articles first?

How can I improve my content articles?

Do I need a budget?

Although the web cannot exist without internet pages, the same thing could be asserted about links. Actually hyperlinks matter most for people who distribute articles totally free of charge and use the right internet marketing strategies, within the hope of improving relevant traffic. Internet developers are often authors too. This means that you write the supplies you afterwards submit. This is an ongoing work, because you continuously have to produce new materials to push the margins of your business further and reach more websites with backlinks.

Links are integrated in the content from the article or included at the end of it in the resource box. This by-line is the most essential part of article marketing simply because it reaches far on the internet. When you submit articles, free directories ask you to fill some forms. Then, the content is checked for originality so as to avoid duplication. Occasionally there are special rules linked to the number of links authorized, the length from the articles, the keyword density and the format.

You will find a lot of errors you are able to make when trying your hand at article marketing for the initial time. Inexperienced newbies will frequently produce too high keyword density hoping to improve their status with search engines. Yet, they will just manage to look spammy. Read a few suggestions on article writing so as to polish your skill and increase your understanding.

Submit content articles free of charge but be cautious where you submit them. You will find hundreds of article directories on the web  and more show up every day. If you happen to rely on an automatic tool to operate the submission task, the program will constantly update the list of directories available, but the truth is that it’s not usually worth working with all of them. Sometimes, constant submission of high high quality content articles to ten or twenty top directories values more.

Article marketing, over the years, has turned out to be the most effective and result oriented method to drive traffic to your website. It’s not very hard to build a website, but drawing in traffic from your niche is difficult without knowing the best methods to utilize. Article writing offers a way you can depend on to leverage your content and then be able to get back to any visitors who express interest in your products. You must have the right kind of approach if your goal is to get those sales and then convert your visitors to leads, and there’s nothing better than article marketing for this. Achieving true benefits from article marketing requires that you consistently write high quality articles and submit them to various online directories to be hosted and shared. There are many directories that will publish your articles for free of cost, which is a big benefit in itself. It’s definitely time you check out the advantages of this free method of marketing and expanding your presence online if you have never done so before.

First you can go the manual way or the automatic way for your article marketing campaign. Using automated software like Viral Submitter PRO will give much better and faster results though.

Before you jump into using articles for marketing, there’s probably one question that pops into your mind at this point: “how does content help me get sales and traffic when it’s just free information?” The fact is, people on the web have gotten used to sales pitches and they don’t want to get sold. Therefore, your articles will prepare your potential clients by making them more familiar with your goods or services so that they’ll be more confident to make a decision. They want detailed information about a product before they actually pull out their credit card and make a buying decision. If you write an article that explains the problem your product is solving and then point the reader towards your product, the chances of making a sale dramatically grow. Beyond this, you will have an advantage over competitors who are trying to sell without giving customers additional information. Article marketing can be about more than simply drawing in visitors, because it also assists you in attracting visitors who make actual purchases. It’s imperative to watch the conversion rate more than other things since that’s what really is going to increase your profit and make sales. Another way as explained above is to use Viral Submitter PRO.

An addition benefit to article marketing is once you’ve written a high quality article and submitted it, that article has potential of going viral and resulting in a tremendous amount of targeted traffic heading your way! The good thing about viral traffic is that it’s absolutely free of cost and very refined. Individuals will start coming in from all areas of the Internet where your article has been posted, and lots of them already have some general knowledge of your topic matte.r Going viral is not simply limited only to videos, although it is far more common than articles. People enjoy reading and sharing anything that is worthwhile. When an Ezine publisher with many subscribers chooses your article, you can expect an increase of traffic to your website.

Planning and executing moves in order to work smarter will save you a lot of work and get you great results. You won’t be the first, nor the last article marketer that occasionally feels like hitting the road running by producing article after article. Your customers will remember content that is well written and come back for more, which leads to bigger gains for your business in the end.

If you need more tips about viral submissions have a look at the blog – it’s free!

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