Strategies For Branding Yourself

Do you know what one of the most important parts of working online is? Yep, it’s branding; self-branding; personal branding, whichever term you prefer to use, they all mean about the same thing. My post this week is about “Strategies For Branding Yourself.”


mle-monogram-initialsBranding strategies can be different for each person and the diversity of the business you are in. You are in essence learning to create a KLT Factor (Know, Like and Trust) by engaging with your potential customers. The first impression you make will, as they say “Make or Break the Deal.” 


Be friendly, smile and most of all be truly interested in the new person you have just met. Did you know that even if you are talking to someone on the phone, a smile will put you in a good mood and that will come through to the person you are talking to? 


No matter how hard you try, there are going to be some people where your personality and theirs just are not going to get along, no matter what. You will meet people who you will not like and they won’t like you. If you are creating an interest where there isn’t any and putting up a false front, people will see that as sneaky and insincere and who wants to be around someone like that? Don’t take this personal; it happens. Be cordial and be nice and move on. Another industry term is; “Next.” 


Another point I would like to bring up is the fact that some companies encourage you to use their materials, their pre-made sites, their scripts, etc. But where are “YOU” in this effort of advertising? You are helping brand the company even more and you are just a pawn in the grand scheme of things.  


Let’s say you work yourself ragged for a few years and realize this is not the business for you but through all of the contacts you have made, I can almost guarantee that they do not know “YOU.” They know there is a person behind the brand and someone who helps them out but do they know you? Do they know what you look like? Do they know what your ethics in business is? 


Here you are years later and no one actually knows the person you are, how great you are and the exceptional way you can help them. You are only Howard or only Jane that works for XYZ Company. 


I do have some good news for you. Even if you have spent time building another company’s brand, you can still make some changes and use the education and experience you already have and move forward with any other company that you choose with the exception of doing things a little differently; like self-branding and applying Strategies For Branding Yourself


Once you make this transition, you can work with any type of company that you want to because you are now developing a following of people who KLT (Know, Like and Trust) YOU! You take your self-branding with you and continue to build and perfect so more and more people know you.


Your personal brand is one of your greatest business assets.

1. Make sure your profile is filled out on your blog.

2. Your profile on the social sites are just as important.

3. Use the same professional picture everywhere so people will recognize you the minute they see your picture.

4. Smile and be genuinely interested in who you are talking to.

5. Leave them with a favorable impression and wanting to keep in contact with you. 


Now that you have started building your brand, protect it, add to it and make yourself unique.


arrow5-aIf you have found any value to my post, please leave a comment and be sure to share your ideas on self-branding.  I’m sure you have other blogger friends and associates that you can share my post with.  It will be greatly appreciated.