Your Social Network Profile – Are You At Risk?

networkSince online social networks have rapidly increased in numbers and popularity, it seems like it has become a race to see who can sign up for the most communities and who can get the most friends or contacts.  This brings forth the question, “Your Social Network Profile – Are You At Risk?”


To find individuals that are interested in the same things as you are, whether you are looking to find a business contact or maybe a personal contact, you must create a profile.  

It is often advertised that your social networking profile is the key to making and finding friends online. [Tweet “Your social networking profile is important when it comes to meeting other internet users.”]This is because, in most cases you are looking to chat with someone who has the same goals, views, beliefs, and interests as you do. 


[Tweet “Without a personal profile, it would be difficult or impossible to tell what your interests are.”] That is why social networking profiles, like on Facebook, are not only important, but they are needed.


But in the quest to be “found,” are you overlooking the obvious safety rules that should apply to all internet users? A lot of focus has been placed on what you should include in your profile or display on your profile page within a social network.  Pictures produce the best responses, as well as detailed personal information. With that picture and detailed personal information, you may also be getting views that you do not necessarily want.  It is very easy for anyone to portray themselves as someone else on the internet. 


Most social networking websites do not have restrictions on who can view your personal profile.  Even internet users that do not belong to your online community can easily see your profile information. This means that instead of putting your main focus on what you should put in your online profile and how you can be found, you should be focusing on what not to put in your profile. 


If you are posting a personal picture in your online profile, you are advised to carefully choose that picture.  While you will want to look your best, especially if you are presenting a business presence and/or looking to meet that special someone, it is advisable NOT to post a revealing or seductive picture. These types of pictures can spell danger to you. 


While the majority of internet users can look at these types of pictures without feeling a thing, but for others, it is a different story. Although you may not necessarily think about it, a picture is just a picture, but combined with your name and address, it could be a deadly combination. [Tweet “You need to be careful about the rest of the information that you post.”]


If an internet predator wanted to contact you and you lived in a small town, it could be fairly easy for them to find you. That is why it is suggested that you list only your state or city, but not both.  If you are required to list the city and the state that you live in, you may want to think about using a nearby city or town, especially if you do live in a small town.


DO NOT post detailed information on your children, the location of your home, your income, or when you will be leaving for vacation. By keeping these and the above-mentioned points in mind, you should be able to enjoy online social networking without having to always look behind your back.


Don’t let the focus of growing your business or finding someone special impair your judgment concerning the safety of you and your family.


Do you have anything to add or any comments concerning “internet safety?” I would greatly appreciate any input...

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