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SocialMediaEngagementandConnectingIt’s Wednesday, June 17, 2015 and my new product “Social Media Rotation” is done and ready to be released to the many marketers and friends out there that I hope to help in their everyday tasks of working online.


You know what I’m talking about; some of those mundane things we need to do everyday and we sometimes put off doing?


A friend, Lesly Federici, graciously volunteered to test the product for me, asked me what my product is supposed to do; “Is this about consistency or building engagement?” I had to sit and think a minute before I could answer her. 

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It started out as just being a way to keep track of blogs you want to visit on a regular basis without the worry of losing the bookmark. It then kind of morphed into being about organization and engagement by making contacts with bloggers that are “new to you.” 


You look for new bloggers when you comment on a blog that you visit


The more I worked on the project, it was obvious that this could be used for Facebook Fan Pages, Twitter contacts, Google+ friends. etc. 


Actually, it is an easy way to keep track of your favorite and new contacts on any social site that you belong to. 


How many times have you joined a blogging tribe and you are always drawn to the same people all of the time, never venturing out to meet anyone new? 


Expand, Expand, Expand, my friends. 


There are thousands and thousands of people out there for you to meet and greet. 


Use this for your daily routine, for your blogging tribe or any kind of group that you belong to. And don’t worry about leaving someone out or picking favorites, the rotator picks for you.


After Payment, If You Are Not Redirected, 
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I think we can all agree that automation in advertising is not the best
strategy for your “brand” or your business but there is nothing that I have found in any rule book that says you cannot automate some of your daily activities to speed things up a little. 


So, here’s to your success and a little help from me to make your day a little bit less boring. 


Thanking you in advance for your support and your purchase. 



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