Sharing Keyword Research Results

Off and on now for the last few weeks, I have made it a point to notice search terms and keywords that I look for.  


It only takes a few minutes to look and see if a fellow PAC member is ranking on the first page of Google for a particular keyword or for a long-tailed key phrase.  


The other day I came across a program that I have never heard of, so I typed in “what is premier cash back” and I noticed that Joy Healey one of our PAC members was showing on Page #1 at the 2nd position in Google for her personal website. I just checked again before writing this post and she is still in the same position as before.  


I contacted her to let her know and she responded: “WOW!! Thanks for telling me that – I never even thought to check.  Sometimes you slog away thinking you’re getting nowhere, so I really appreciate you letting me know.”  


Now I’m not saying you need to spend a great amount of time doing this unless it is a service you provide but it does help the morale of people when they know that their efforts are actually working for them. 


I thought since I was writing this post, I would take some random terms and enter them into Google search and see what comes up. My searches are not including paid ads at the top of the pages.  



“What is Traffic Monsoon”:  The results showed Alicia Osmera (PAC Member) and Gillian Wright (Former PAC Member) showing on the first page of Google with their G+ post.  


“Traffic Monsoon review”: Shows William O’Toole in 6th position on Page #1 of Google. 


“How to make money online”:  This is a highly competitive keyword-phrase, but the search shows our own Lesly Federici on the first page, at position #7 and Joan Harrington at position #9 through their G+ actions. 


“Work from home jobs”:  Shows my own G+ page in position #8.  


“Make money selling ebooks”:   Shows Adrienne Smith in position #11, also for her G+ posting.  


Now of course if you can rank on page #1 with a keyword that goes back to your own branded site, like Joy Healey above, that’s even better but this little bit of research also shows that we should not discount Google+ in terms of exposure and free advertising.  


The stats above can change at any time but if you consistently come up on the first page for a key phrase, as in Joy’s case, then you are on the right track with your SEO (search engine optimization).  


I will be the first to admit that I am not a scholar when it comes to keyword research but I keep at it and like everything else you do online, “Never Give Up.”  


When you are doing keyword research, take a minute to notice if any of your associates are ranking #1 on Google for a keyword-phrase. They will appreciate the time you took to share that valuable information with them.  


Did this post help you in any way? I sure hope so and if it did, please share with your associates and on your social sites.  


Have a wonderful New Year and much success,