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Self Publishing Services


Now that you have the hard part done, the writing, you need to decide what step to take from here.

Are you going to go through the learning process of self-publishing yourself or are you going to hire an expert to do it for you?

I’ve formatted and published my own books but have also been honored with the task of formatting and publishing books for some other new authors.


BG Jenkins
Don Sabelhaus (May he RIP)
Amake (Christine) Adindu
Lillian De Jesus

self-publishing-services1There are many, many companies and individuals out there that charge great amounts of money to proofread, edit, format, create a book cover and publish books.

I’ve thought this over for a while and decided not to charge large amounts of money. This is so you are able to afford to get your book published and you will see light at the end of the tunnel – your book, and get it on the market sooner.

The minimum charge to begin working on your manuscript is $100.00 via PayPal and this will need to be paid upfront before work begins.

Contract For Work To Be Done

A contract will be drawn up between us so that we both understand the work (proof-reading, editing, formatting, cover creation and publishing) to be done and how it’s to be done.

I will send you an invoice with a description of the work that was done, the amount to be paid and the amount that has been paid for your records.

Because I charge less, it doesn’t mean I’ll provide any lesser quality of service for you and your work. Click To Tweet

self-publishing-services2Book Proofreading, Editing, Formatting, Book Cover Design and Inside Layout

Formatting and setting up the inside of your book is so very important. It involves some changes in formatting for a paperback book and/or an electronic version such as Kindle and NOOK.

Along with a short consultation, at no charge (Max time 1/2 hour), I’ll ask you to fill out a questionnaire to learn more about what you want your book to look like so there is no confusion between us when I start working on your project.

I have options you can choose from in the way of book formatting and inside layout.

I’ll format a single chapter for you (usually the first chapter of your book) so you can confirm it appears how you envisioned it.

If you want to change something in the formatting, I will do one (1) round of revisions for free.

After you’ve approved the finished formatted sample chapter, I will complete the entire inside layout of the book and email a copy to you for review.

You get one (1) round of minor revisions to correct anything you missed (anything I’ve missed is corrected for free).

At this point, if you require more changes, there will be some additional fees, which we will discuss and document before proceeding any further.

self-publishing-services3Once you approve the final interior layout (and cover) in electronic and physical proof form, the book is ready to be uploaded to Amazon’s CreateSpace and or Kindle KDP for their review.

We will have the opportunity to check the inside contents again before releasing for final publishing.

What is the inside questionnaire about?

The inside questionnaire is where I’ll ask you to tell me how you want the inside of your book to look. I ask you the following:
• Type of font (Ariel, Tahoma, Times New Roman, Courier New)
• Chapter layout options (where a new chapter will start)
• Chapter heading options (Heading 1 or Heading 2)
• Header, footer and page number placement (Page numbers only available in paperback format. Kindle format does not conform to page numbering due to the many styles of electronic readers)
• Content for copyright page
• Additional information you’d like included
• Where to put your author bio
• Paperweight options
• Color options for interior pages
• Whether you will need indexing

self-publishing-services4Copyright Ownership Of Your Work

Many self-publishing companies claim to own the source/production files of a book once it’s created.

Below is my policy on this:

All versions of every file (interior and book cover) I create or use that you supply is yours and will always be yours. I claim no rights to your work.

When I complete a publishing project, every piece of information I have concerning your book and your account is put into a zipped file and emailed to you or transferred through a cloud service if the file is too large to email.

I keep my copies only until the final release and publishing is completed by Amazon’s CreateSpace and/or Kindle KDP. This also applies to any digital files that were created for Kindle or NOOK.

Please keep your zipped file guarded and secured because once I delete my files, you will have the only source file available.

What I Need To Begin Working On Your Book…

Keep a copy of the files for yourself.

If you have your book in a Microsoft Word document, you will need to remove any images (photos, charts, etc.). But reference the pictures by name that match the placeholders where the pictures belong (remember save at a minimum of 300 DPI) and then send the images to me separately.

If your book files are not in a Microsoft Word document, then let me know what format they’re in and we can go from there to make sure that it meets the specifications required by Amazon’s CreateSpace.

selfpublishingserviceWhat Book Size Can I Choose From and Paper Stock?

The Amazon CreateSpace standard size is 6×9 which also makes it easier to publish your book for Kindle with very little changes. You can choose a different book size but keep in mind that the increase in size, amount of pictures and color will affect your royalty payments.

Are There Any Hidden Formatting Fees?

No. There will not be any hidden fees once we decide upon a price for the work I will be doing.

Any unforeseen additional formatting fees will be cleared with you before proceeding.

Situations that may result in additional fees for formatting:

Changes after Approving Sample Chapter

I will create one sample chapter of your book using the font size, margins, and design elements that you submit in your inside layout questionnaire.

Don’t approve it until you are sure the sample chapter looks like you envisioned it to be. The sample chapter will be the guide that I will use to format the remainder of your book.

If after you approve the sample chapter, you decide you want changes to the margins, font or anything else you approved in the sample chapter, the cost is $50 per hour with a minimum fee of $25 (1/2 hour).

Revisions Prior to Final Layout Approval

Once the full book is complete, I’ll supply you with a digital version of both your book’s interior and cover in the form of a PDF file. This file is how your cover and interior will appear on/in your finished book.

This is your time to review it fully, completely, and in great detail. I will include one (1) round of up to twenty (20) collective “minor revisions.”

Examples of “Minor Revisions” include design changes (headers, breaks), typographical errors, and punctuation, spelling and/or extra spaces between characters or words that were in the originally submitted manuscript.

Any errors that are detected as a result of altering or oversight on the part of my work during the formatting process, will be corrected at no additional cost to you.

Any editorial revisions (i.e. you want to change content) or other minor revisions after the complimentary round, the cost is $50 per hour, with a one (1) hour minimum.

Please be advised that each round of revisions can take between 10-15 business days, so plan accordingly.

Revisions After Final Interior is Approved

Carefully reviewing the inside layout prior to approval is absolutely and extremely crucial.

Once you have given your approval to the final interior, any changes you request after that tend to be very expensive.

Once your book is finalized and uploaded to Amazon’s CreateSpace for their inspection, it is time to try your best to sit back and relax until they have approved your book for publishing which usually is done within 72 hours (excluding Saturday and Sunday).

Ordering Proof Copy for Review

Once your book files are approved you have the option to order a paperback “Proof Copy” at a reduced price for the last final review or review the electronic version online.

If you are satisfied, then approve the book in your CreateSpace account and then start advertising.

Your book is ready for “Print on Demand” when a customer orders your book.

The minimum charge to begin working on your manuscript is $100.00 via PayPal and will need to be paid upfront before work begins.






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