Self-Publishing Your Own Book The Pros And Cons

Self-Publishing Your Own Book The Pros And ConsAs a new writer, naturally you want to see your book published. There are different options for you in this area, including finding a publishing house that will accept you. New authors most generally will be fighting an uphill battle with this option.  So now we will look at the “Self-Publishing Your Own Book The Pros And Cons.”


The second option is to hire to have your book published and printed and then you run into the risks of having boxes of books sitting in your garage that you have paid good money for but you are not getting any kind of return.

The final option and the one that I suggest and recommend is self-publishing through Amazon CreateSpace for a paperback book and/or Kindle for an electronic version of the same book. With electronic versions, you also have the choice of working with Barnes and Noble, g (non-aff.) and many others.


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(The Pros):

1. You have complete control of “YOUR” work.

2. The tutorials are great about walking you through the process.

3. CreateSpace is a “Print on Demand” platform; meaning the book is only printed when someone orders it. You don’t need to have a garage full of boxed up books waiting to sell.

4. There is no money up front to self-publishing unless you hire an editor, someone to create your cover or have someone do the publishing process for you (which I do offer that service. Self-Publishing Services –
services/self-publishing-services )

5. It’s very easy to transfer your paperback book to the Kindle platform and have your book available electronically in a very short time.

6. Even as a new author, you stand a greater chance of selling your book on your own and start the process of your name being recognized when you write the second, third or fourth book or more.

7. You can have a paperback book and/or a Kindle version online, ready to sell within a week, providing you follow the directions and Amazon has approved your submission. Amazon doesn’t approve or disapprove the book by topic or subject, they are looking for a title, formatting, plagiarized work and other basics so your book will print and look professional.


What Some Would Consider the “Cons” of  Self-Publishing Without Amazon

1. You will also need to learn marketing and advertising for your book, which could also be listed in the “Pro” section above.

2. Amazon gives you an “Author Page” and there is some degree of advertising that Amazon will do but the majority of the advertising will be up to you and your own creative ideas.

3. You will need to set up your own website or blog to reach your target audience and the people who would be interested in reading your book.

4. Consistency in advertising is one of the key points to your success.

5. Absolutely read the fine print in the contract you sign with a printing company. Make sure you retain “All Rights” to your own work.

6. The publishing houses will not “take a chance” on a new writer. They are there to make money for themselves too.

7. Using a publishing house; you may have to contact many of them and receive many rejection letters before you are accepted, “If Ever.”

8. Even if you are accepted, they control the publishing date which could possibly be a year or more.


Even though there are a number of pros and cons to self-publishing, take all points into consideration before you decide if self-publishing is right for you. Always research on Google about publishing so you will make the best decision for your situation.


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