Searching Out Those Who Are
Interested In What You Write

Since I have put together the Create Yourself Writing Workshop, I have had great responses and have had people contacting me saying exactly what I had hoped for, which is, “I want to write a book.”
The more I work with setting things up to expand the workshop, such as contests, Google Hangouts with 10 minute challenges and videos to help you in learning Evernote and some of the software that people use for writing, the more I began to realize that even though I have made many friends in the “make money online” niche, writing and selling books is a different niche, so I have been and will be searching out new sites and actions that you can take to increase your visibility and the branding of your name in the writing communities.
For example, this week I came across a list of different sites that you can join (some are free, some are paid) but I will be concentrating on the free sites, as I know how hard it is to get started, let alone worrying about a monthly charge for something you are not quite ready for yet.
The first place I came across is called Author’s Den (Aff. ?)
Author’s Den, created in April of 2000, is a place created to bring writers and readers together.  I have not checked the site out in its entirety but I have created my own “Den” where I provided my profile, picture and biography and the books that I have written.  

If you become a member, make sure you do fill out your profile with a picture or they will remove you.

They also accept articles and stories if you do not have your book completed yet.  I think if you are serious about eventually publishing a book, it would be wise to create your free account at Author’s Den.
Another tip that I have to share is an application tab that you can add to your Facebook Fan Page called The Author Marketing App – just follow the directions to set it up. 
As you can see in the screen shot below, it creates a red square called “Read My Book.”  Once you click on the red square it will open up to your Author’s Profile and a list of your books will show below that (see pictures below).
Searching Out Those Who Are Interested In What You Write
Searching Out Those Who Are Interested In What You Write-1
So far I am very impressed with both Author’s Den and the Author App.  Already, my sales have increased by adding these two sources that get my books and writing out to the right people who are interested.
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