affmarketingforbloggers-tacThere have been quite a few reviews written lately on the newly released e-book Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers by Enstine Muki; as I wrote in a comment about Enstine’s book.


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“I have been following Enstine for probably a year now and believe me, it is as though everything he creates, has had a “good luck spell” put on it but in truth, Enstine is a smart marketer and he is happy to share his findings with others.”  

Okay, so let’s get into the book that Enstine wrote and see what we can find. Now we all know I’m not going to tell you everything that he has written in the book but I do want to go over some of the points he mentions that I don’t believe other affiliate marketers will tell you.  


With Enstine’s permission, I want to share with you some of the Chapter Titles of his book, with some brief explanations. This is just to give you an idea that he knows what he’s talking about. 


Below are some of the highlights in the book of what you will learn about affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing Programs and What to Look For

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There are many different twists and turns to Affiliate Marketing.  So many, that it will make your head spin. The one thing that is the most valuable in this industry is to find someone that will give you honest answers and keep them updated with the ever changing ways of working online. Enstine has shown that transparency and honesty is his “code of ethics.”  


This chapter explains what Affiliate Marketing is and so you will not confuse this with Network Marketing, Content Marketing or MLM Marketing. They all have different meanings and purposes. There is a list of Affiliate Programs that you can check out so you can become an affiliate of almost any place online, such as Walmart, Target, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Sears, 1-800-Flowers; the list can go on and on. 


The important thing is to check their terms and see what it means to you, if you are an affiliate for a company, such as your country, how you will get paid, what you are allowed to do or not do in terms of advertising (copyright laws, etc.), commissions, advertising materials, tracking, cookies (how long are they live), threshold amount before you can withdraw or receive your funds.  


Before Promoting Any Product on Your Blog!


Research the product, use the product, if possible, talk with people who have used the product. I believe most people are good at heart and cannot truly promote a product they haven’t tried or researched quite well.  


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Once you get to around page 30 in the book, here is where it gets really interesting and informative. These are steps Enstine shares with you of what he does and how he does it to make money from affiliate marketing. These are easy step by step actions that you can follow along and apply to your own blogs.  

Taking Advantage of Seasons to Make Huge Earnings


Take advantage of seasons to make huge earnings, such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas with Black Friday and Cyber Monday specials, Valentine’s Day, etc. and get a head start on the same seasons for the next year.  


Enstine shares a little search engine tip that I’ve never heard of but as he explains, it makes perfect sense and you can implement this little tip every year.  


Affiliate Marketing and SEO


Do you want to know how adding a little bit of HTML code to a link will help your ranking in the search engines? Then go to Page #49 of the Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers eBook. Do you use internal links on your blog? On Page #50, this tip will transfer link juice from one post to the other.  


Do you need a list of tools to work with to help you write the best possible review you can about a product? Page #61 shows many keyword tools for bloggers.  


How about “robots.txt file?” Do you know what this is? I’ve seen it before but never knew why it is so important. See Page #62 for information on this.  


Google Analytics got you baffled and ready to pull your hair out? Enstine explains this on Page #70 and a few pages after that.  


I will be working on going through each step in the E-book to bring my site to a higher standard than it is right now. I’ve made a note to give another review, around the end of February 2016 to let you how things are improving.  


I’ve worked out a special deal with Enstine for my readers who are interested in the E-book to get 25% off of the price by using the “Offer Code monna25

Affiliate_Marketing_for_Bloggers_eBook animated_arrow_right2I want the special dealI want to know Enstine’s Secrets



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