Published Author Roundup Three

This is week three to feature some of the self-published authors I’ve worked with.  You can read the previous posts here:  Published Author Roundup Two and Published Author Roundup One 


The original question presented to the authors was: “What did it feel like the first time you saw your name on your first published book?” 


The previous two posts were more of a testimonial for me in helping these new authors get started and published, which I greatly appreciate but the last responses I received, they actually answered the question of how it felt to see their name on their first published book. 


The first author is Erika Mohssen-Beyk 


Erika-Mobeyklet-the-sunshine-in-erika-mohssen-beykErika has come a long way in terms of writing and blogging. She speaks about four different languages and so at first she was apprehensive about her writing and the English language but she was and is a determined lady and her progress is awesome. She has one book published and has another one finished but will be published in her own time. I have a lot of admiration for you Erika and you are an inspiration.


Hi Monna 🙂
It is a while now we did publish the book, it felt good to see it finished.
I did not sell any of them yet, but it is ok. It did what it was meant to do
for somebody I did write and partly translate it. This was the most important for me. And I had some people who got it for free from my blog. 


It is nice to have a little book with my name on it and as you know I have another one, which is finished, but I feel it is not yet time for it. Maybe I make a few changes.


I already did give it to some people as a PDF and they used it.  I will contact you for this when I feel the time is right. You did help me with the first one very much. Happy to have you around for help to publish.


Thank you, Erika


Another great lady that I had the pleasure of working with is Lillian De Jesus. She has her own online business lillian-de-jesus-virtual-assistancelillian-de-jesus-virtual-assistance-how-to-use-canva-like-a-proby the name of Tigerlily Virtual Assistance 


Lillian writes: 

Seeing my name on the front cover of my book was an amazing feeling! I felt accomplished and I never thought I could publish a book or would ever in a million years.


However, the only way it was done was by having help because there is no way I could have gotten it done by myself.


I’m so thankful I found Monna Ellithorpe to help me along the way. 


Thanks and have a wonderful 4th as well!


Alicia Osmera writes: 

Alicia OsmeraTerror In The North TowerI still want to pinch myself. Is this for real? Yes, it is real. I am a published author. When I saw that my book, Terror In The North Tower was finally up and live on, I started smiling, jumping up and down with joy. Finally, I had accomplished my goal. 


To see my name on the cover of a book is hard to describe.


Happy, ecstatic, overwhelmed, grateful and thankful to have the opportunity to see my creation come to life.


In addition to giving some extra recognition to these new authors, I want to also encourage anyone thinking about writing a book, short stories, poems or screenplays to “JUST DO IT.”


Step out of your comfort zone and start by joining a small writing group or taking some writing courses online. Udemy has lots of writing courses at reasonable costs. Start learning on Udemy today! (Aff.) 


There is a stigma associated with working online and you may not have support from your family or friends but please don’t let that stop you. Believe in yourself, work hard and do what you need to do to reach your dream. 


Look at the three women above and the two in my previous posts; look at me and many others who are now published authors. We didn’t let anything stop us.  Will You???


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