Down The Drain Reviews

Down The Drain Reviews




From time to time there are going to be programs or biz ops that you think might be a good choice but then later find out it’s not what it claimed to be or just not for you.  I will be adding some of my “mistakes” in the list below.  

NOTE:>>>>>  Some of these sites are gone completely.  

BEWARE: Some have Trojans and Viruses attached to them now.

NOTE: Some just didn’t work for me but that doesn’t mean it is bad.  You have to make your own decisions.


MyPayingAds – Another site that still seems to be up and running but I am not able to log into the site.  They were going very well in the beginning but then they had to change money processors (PayPal locked their account).  I’m not sure how they were able to work with PayPal (PayPal usually will not work with revenue sharing programs). Minimal loss on this one; about $5.00, I believe but not worth the time to find out why I cannot log in any longer. 


GetPaidSocial – Now this one has not been running too long but they did encounter some problems in the beginning. I understand that new startups can run into problems and admins have to have a live site in order to find the problems but this was going a bit further than I was prepared to hang on with.  I paid the $27.00 fee the first month and a couple of months at $10.00 when they realized they were still having problems.  They gave us the option to switch back to a free member while the bugs were worked out and I chose that option.  The next thing I know, I’m getting a popup when I try to sign in that “You have been banned from the community.”   I know the owner or admin was under a lot of stress but there is no reason for the disrespectful attitude when I let them know I kept having problems with my account.  Okay, Not for me, so long, “NEXT”


Dollar Monster – My last review; I thought it was time for a Dollar Monster Review Update.  Today is January 24, 2012 and on January 16, 2012 I made a post about Dollar Monster Review.   As of this date, I still have not received a return on my investment of $20.  Each day that I check the site, it shows that I am to receive payment the next day and each day I check, the payout date has changed


JustBeenPaid – Just went “Poof” one day but I will say this was a continuous and profitable revenue share site in it’s day.


Four Corners Alliance Group – I believe this is still active but it did not keep my interest.


Feeder Matrix – Doesn’t appear to be around any longer.


DailyProfitAlways – Doesn’t appear to be around any longer.


ClickPaid – Obviously not a money maker as I don’t remember much about it.  I’m not sure if it’s still there or not.


Bubblews – Was a free writing site.  This site was great while it was going good and paying but one day they just stopped, so I stopped writing for them and removed my work from their site.


BAM Paid – I don’t really remember what happened with this one but it one day disappeared.  The site now has a TROJAN / VIRUS ATTACHED TO IT.  


Royalty 7 – Was a revenue sharing site that is now GONE.  I made quite a bit of money with Royalty 7.  I happened to get in and out at the right time.