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A few weeks ago in our PAC Community (The Power Affiliate Club)  we began featuring a member each day so we can all start to learn about each other and what we do and with the intentions of bringing some of our inactive members to an “active state” in the group so they can begin to see the benefits that our group provides to its members.

PersonalBrandingWithYourAboutMePageSomething I have noticed in the last few weeks is that many still do not completely, if at all fill out their “About Me” section on Facebook or other social sites and some do not have an “About Me” section on their blog.  If I have a hard time finding information about you when we belong to the same group, then it is highly unlikely that anyone else will be able to find out about you, much less take the time to do any searching like I have been doing.


A couple of months ago on my blog I also wrote an article about “Be Consistent With Branding Yourself” in which I talked mainly about having a professional photo and using the same one over the internet so people will start recognizing you and know who you are by sight. 


Okay, so now you probably have your profile picture taken care of but what of your “About Me” page?  And this means anywhere you are online; social sites, forums, your blog, your groups, in a report you write, a book you write, etc.  Once you decide you are going to start a business or provide a service online, your picture is the first thing they are going to notice and the second thing is that they are going to look for, is information about you.


This also brings me to another relevant post I wrote back in September 2014 about “What is a Media Kit and How Can It Help You?”  Everyone should have a media kit on hand and kept up to date.  This serves for at least two purposes;

(1) You will always have your “About Me” information handy if you should happen to run across a site that does not have any information about you.

(2) Create different biographies in your Media Kit so you can post the one most relevant to the audience you are talking with.  We all have different interests and having just one bio is not going to cover every single thing about you.


For example, I am a writer and published author. I have a short bio about my writing career and my books I have published.  I also provide services to help people publish and market their writing, so my bio for that niche would be just a little bit different in telling people my experience in the publishing and marketing arena.  


With your media kit completed, should you run across a missing “About Me” section, you do not have to take time to sit and write yet another bio and lose precious time.  Copy the bio that suits the site and move on.


Start2015WithNewIntentionsAs we go into the New Year, think about your business plans for 2015; maybe that missing biography somewhere has cost you engagement with someone who you could have helped or they could have helped you in some way but they passed you by because there was nothing there to let them know who you are and what you do or more importantly, “How You Can Help Them.” 


As we head into 2015, take these last few days of 2014 to start the new year out right with clearing out your computer, updating your blogs, updating or adding your “About Me” page and don’t let another important conversation with someone get lost.


Keep in mind that your “About Me” page is not really about you at all.  Your readers will come looking to find out how you can help them, so tell them;

1.  Who You Are.

2.  How You Got Where You Are.
3.  Why They Should Contact You.
4.  Show Them How You Have Helped Others.
5.  Show Them How You Can Help Them.


I believe the most important thing to remember in writing your “About Me” page is to just be yourself.  Most people don’t want to read a list of; “I did this or I did that.”  They want to read a bio that makes them feel as if you are talking to them personally and that you understand that they have a problem they need a solution to and that you would love to help them solve that problem. 


successIn closing this post and ending the year 2014, I wish each and every one of you great success in 2015 and may your hard work lead you directly to your dreams and living the “work at home” lifestyle that you want.


arrow5-aIf you found this helpful to you, someone else may find it helpful to them too.  Take a minute and share with your associates on your social sites.





Personal Branding With Your About Me Page