Beginning today is the birth of a new phase of PAC that will be revealed very soon.  I’m sure you have seen The Power Affiliate Club mentioned on different social sites, (mainly Facebook) or read about it in a previous post of mine; 4 Crucial Points For Success in 2015


Lesly Federici and I created the Community called PAC (Power Affiliate Club) which is designed to help new people getting started online, but also PAC will benefit experienced network marketers too. 


[Tweet “”Members Helping Members and The Magic is in the Action.””] is the basis of our Community.  We all work together to bring many knowledgeable people to one Community who have different and varying skills of working online and are ready to share their expertise.  


We promote each others’ work and products, we have focus group meetings, The 5% Focus Group (which has been described as the “regular focus group” on steroids) and daily inspiration to keep you motivated to get through some of those days where you just feel like giving up; BUT DON’T GIVE UP.  



We have created a “Shopping Page” for members to shop from other members.  Why let commissions go to the company or to a stranger when you can click on a members link and buy something you have already made your mind up to buy? 


This way, the hard-working affiliate receives their commission which in turn builds self confidence and self esteem and motivates them to keep working towards their dreams.   


PAC is a perfect group setting for new writers, new marketers and anyone starting a new business online.  Working with people who have been in your “new shoes” can cut down on your learning curve and you have almost unlimited member support while you learn.  


So, in addition to my focus on writing for my blog, you will also be hearing quite a bit about PAC from now on.  It started out as a “pet project” for Lesly and I but it has become more of “A Living Baby” that we see as a long term presence that is growing each day. 


We have had many people give glowing statements about PAC; too many to list here but I will list this one which is a direct quote from Donna Merrill – “PAC is a wonderful example of a group that is always giving and sharing!”


In working to build self-confidence and self-esteem in terms of your writing, PAC will continue to nurture those needs, along with teaching you about the marketing aspect of selling your books online or to move forward with any type of program that you are involved in.


We are proud to say that our PAC Community consists of:
Writers – Marketers – Life Coaches – Bloggers – Therapists – Web Designers – Organic Farmers – Photographers – Economists – Business Owners – Self-Publishing Experts, Wholistic/Holistic Experts – Fashion Experts – WordPress Experts – Social Media Experts – Nutritional Experts – Nurses and I am positive I have probably overlooked some professions.  My point is that PAC is for everyone.


The (Power Affiliate Club) is free to join and you can continue as a free member for as long as you like.  You can choose to  become a paying member should you decide that you would like to take advantage of the increased opportunities that we offer (Increased Membership Opportunities).


We realize starting new online, your pockets aren’t lined in gold, so we have set our monthly membership price at a reasonable $3.95 per month that we feel is affordable for most everyone. 


[Tweet “We’ve been told we are “just plain crazy” for charging so little”] but we think it’s best for our Community and the morale of our members to receive valuable information that is just as good, if not better than those who charge 10 times more.  



If you have found value in this message and/or know someonarrow5-ae who could benefit, please, by all means share on all of your social sites and share with your associates. 


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More importantly, you will be the FIRST to know what new phase is happening with The Power Affiliate Club Community


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