BroadedNet?  What Is BroadedNet?

BroadedNet is Traffic Without Search Engines. It’s also Traffic without Social Media.

Still confused? 

BroadedNet is the “brainchild” of Enstine Muki 

broadednetlogoBroadedNet works because it is a network of bloggers bringing their blogs together under a single platform.

Members agree to link to each other on their personal blogs for rewards and credits. The goal of this plugin for WordPress is to bring traffic to the members and their blogs who use it.

The more you blog, the more activity you are going to have from BroadedNet. Write your post, create a campaign with the blog title and URL and in a short while, after approval your blog title and link will start showing on the blogs of others who have agreed to do the same thing.

When you create your campaign (a text or banner), you choose which category you feel best suits the topic of your blog. These are moderated and will be live upon approval. I have found it doesn’t take very long at all to have a campaign approved.


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I see that Enstine Muki, the creator of BroadedNet has added a new feature which gives you the choice of a standard campaign which is free or create a “Sticky Campaign” which will be sticky and bold on top of the widgets.

A sticky campaign costs $35 for 25000 credits (non aff.) and will be prominently displayed until your credits are used. There are extremely limited spots for sticky posts per category.

This part is new to me, so I cannot give you a personal review on it right now. It says that it will cost as low at 5 cents per click with 500+ guaranteed targeted clicks

Still a little baffled by it all? I was too at first but take a look at this photo and it will help explain how this all works to the benefit of everyone who participates.


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In the image above, after you have created your text or banner campaign, BroadedNet takes this and spreads them on network blogs. The other members blogs start generating traffic to your blog in a short time after approval. For the network blogs to be able to receive and display articles from BroadedNet, the blog owner needs to download and install the BroadedNet WordPress Widget. You can find the widget by going to the “Plugins” section of your WordPress blog; click on “Add Plugin” and type BroadedNet and install and follow directions from there. (This widget will be available for other platforms soon).

BroadedNet also accepts banner advertising. (Affiliate banners or advertise your own products). All you have to do is select the banner option and enter the image location URL and the destination URL.

Members are awarded Credits as a reward for promoting your content on their blogs. Each time your link is clicked on their blogs, they will earn credits in their BroadedNet account. These credits earned will help them to place their own content/banners so as to be promoted on other blogs.

When you create a campaign, you will be asked to enter a certain amount of credits to give away to members per click generated from their blogs. The more credits you offer, the more exposure and clicks you get.

Content or articles shown on network blogs are selected randomly and ordered by credits and in specific categories. Campaigns that offer more credits show up more often.

Duplicate content
There is absolutely no issue with duplicate content. Your articles are simply linked to from other blogs. The links are all nofollow, pointing to the domain where stats are recorded before the visitor is redirected to the destination URL.

The BroadedNet Widget
If you are WordPress blogger, don’t waste any more time in putting this widget on your blog and join the community. It’s absolutely free and you will receive 100 free credits to your account instantly.

The WordPress widget is what integrates into the network to keep your campaigns alive and it will help you earn more credits.

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Below, I have added a screen shot of my campaigns that are active right now. I will be adding this post and creating a new campaign for it as soon as it is published. 


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Personally, I think Enstine is just only a short step away from being a genius when he created this widget.

So, what it comes down to if you need traffic to your blog, BroadedNet is an excellent way to begin building your readership and your email list. The widget on my blog is located on the sidebar with the heading of “Bloggers Are Awesome – Visit My Friends!”

Thank you, Enstine for your knowledge in creating this widget and giving it away to us for free.

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