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MeetANewBloggerEverydayEveryone knows that to succeed online you have to be willing to make friends, build a relationship and truly be interested in people, share ideas and have some fun while you are doing it. 


The best way to do this is to find blogs that interest you, visit them, comment on them and of course share them.

But I am always losing links to new blogs.  I would like to help solve the problem of losing those new sources of great information that I find and I am sure I’m not the only one that this has happened to.


We search and find a new blog and the person writes great posts and shares a lot of information that is going to help us and our readers. So you bookmark the blog and you are on your way to the next task.


The next day, you know you have saved that bookmark, or did you?  You would like to keep visiting this great new blog but you either lost the bookmark, never marked it to begin with or cannot remember enough about it with only one visit to do a Google search.


You have now just wasted approximately an hour or so looking for this new blog and found nothing and you are unfocused and irritated with time running out to work on your “To Do List.”


So what is the solution?  Watch This Short Video



I’ve been thinking about this idea for a little while now and I will never know if it works unless I just “DO IT.” 


So my idea kind of goes along with my previous post about meeting new bloggers and stepping out of the normal circle of friends you now have. You always want and need to be expanding your reach and getting yourself in front of new people.


The idea is to search out “new to you” bloggers and make it a plan to re-visit them on a consistent basis with a little bit of automation.


Are you are interested in how to set this up for your own blog?


arrow5-aI will be releasing my new product on Wednesday June 17, 2015.  


Enter your name and email address in the form below and I will let you know the minute it is released.  





I am of the belief that more people can be helped if a product is priced for the majority of people who are struggling and coming online, looking for extra income.  So my product will be of a minimal charge of $10.00.  


You will receive:


1.  A PDF file for those who like to have a written copy.

2. A video that shows you the steps to setting up the product.  

3.  A zipped file that includes 8 example photos that you can use, an extra copy of the PDF file and html code to use on your own site.  




I would like to thank all of my readers, friends and associates.  If you find any value in what I write, please leave a comment and share, share, share.  



Thank you,






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