What is a Media Kit and How Can It Help YouAs many of us are learning each day, how important it is to build relationships online in order to succeed.

There are many other benefits to building those relationships and freely help others with their online ventures, such as in doing advertising for them.  Don’t do this for the sole purpose of getting return advertising because sometimes what you have to offer has no relevance to the work that others are doing.

For example you are all about writing on your blog and in social media, it stands to reason that promoting for another writer is relevant to your work.  Promoting how to make your own fishing lures is not relevant unless they have written a book and then it will fall within the writing topic that you are involved in.

So, it makes sense if you are advertising for other writers that you should know something about them and the way to do that is to ask them for their “Media Kit.”  You should also have your own Media Kit ready and available should someone ask for information about you for advertising on their blog.

What is in a Media Kit?
1. Author Biography
2. Profile photo
3. Synopsis
4. Provide buy links for your product and your website URL
5. If you are a writer, provide an excerpt of your book or site for people to share
6. Banner of your book or product for advertising
7. Screen shot of your book or product


Writing Prompt:
Create a character that might live in a park or recreation area near you. Why do they live there and how do they interact with visitors?  Provided by Writing.com 


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