WordPress Tips

WordPress Tips


I will be adding any WordPress tips and suggestions that I come across or learn the hard way (See: Why Did My Google Account Get Disabled? ) in hopes that you do not make any of the same mistakes I have or maybe I can prevent any future mistakes. 


(NEW) It seems that since the new update to WordPress, the “Read More” feature is not working properly.  In order to add the “Read More” option, switch over to your “text page” and find the spot you want to add the feature and enter: < p > < ! — more — > < /p >  (Without any spaces.    – This will add the feature to your blog post so it isn’t so long on the first page of your blog.


Did you know that if you are thinking of redoing your blog, you can set up a test blog that will not interfere with your existing blog until you get the design the way you want it?


Be sure to use a file name for your pictures; related to your post (See: Are You Cheating Yourself Out Of Readers? )


Undecided on a new theme for your WordPress blog?  Create a separate blog on your domain and work from that without search engine crawlers until you have it looking the way you want it to.  Ask Me How… Contact: Monna


Do not use any kind of words, letters or characters in your blog posts for spacing or in an attempt to hide anything from Google. This will absolutely get your Google Adsense account shut down permanently. 

Always wait at least 7 days to update the WordPress files when there is a major update. That gives the WordPress team enough time to work out any possible bugs or kinks in the new update. 

Update your Plug-in’s AFTER you have completed the WordPress update.