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Traditional Webinar Systems May Be A Thing Of The Past


Google-Hangout-Plugin-Traditional Webinar Systems May Be A Thing Of The PastMore people are increasing their business exposure and beginning to think about presenting webinars for training and/or selling purposes but they are finding that the monthly charges for these webinar systems is way beyond their financial means and the more people that attend your webinar, the more money you will pay out. 


I see a new solution to this problem with a WordPress plugin called Google Hangouts.  

Just think about it: 
  • No more expensive monthly fees with the popular webinar platforms in use now. 
  • Google Hangouts allows you to connect with your attendees instantly. 
  • There are no extra costs if more people show up to your presentation. 
  • AND… the best part is that your Hangouts will be available as replays without any complicated setup. 
This plugin has a one time fee (No Monthly Fees) and you are done with your webinar expenses forever for unlimited sites.  If you are a developer, purchase the developers license and you are able to set up the Google Hangout plugin for your clients. 
You may ask why should I get this plugin when Google Hangouts are free.  Good question and the answer to that is:
  • This is running from YOUR own WordPress site, thus helping to further solidify branding yourself. 
  • Schedule, send reminders, follow-ups and broadcasts from the dashboard. 
  • Your replays are “EVERGREEN” – meaning they are there for people to have access to them all of the time.
  • Grow your mailing list even more with registrations, opt-ins and a lead capture system.

 Walt Bayliss explains more about this plugin, in the video below. 

Google-Hangout-Plugin-Traditional Webinar Systems May Be A Thing Of The Past-1


Google-Hangout-Plugin-Traditional Webinar Systems May Be A Thing Of The Past-2


You won’t find another WordPress plugin tool like The Hangout Plugin 



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