Traffic Monsoon Review

Traffic Monsoon Review is a specialized advertising and revenue sharing company that allows international participation of individuals and groups.  Here is my honest Traffic Monsoon Review.


I joined Traffic Monsoon in September of 2015, also as a free member.  TM does have a little bit higher ad pack cost but after a few days, I decided that I would not be using any money that was planned for anything else and I bought one $50.00 ad pack.  


The main goal  in Traffic Monsoon is to make sure that you never let your account show “red lettering” or you will lose the earnings from that day.  So what I suggest is to visit your account twice a day and surf your ten ads and earn by using the “Cash Links” that are available to you.  I will add a video below to guide you around the site and show you what you need to do. 


Actually, I surf usually 16 to 26 ads, twice per day and all of the cash links that show.  Once you surf and click on your cash links, you can then assign your credits to your websites that you have listed.  


Again, as a reminder, you can work each day to earn enough to buy another ad pack or buy them out of pocket, but I really don’t like using my out of pocket money, so I suggest being patient and consistent each day and buy an ad pack when you reach the $50.00 mark.  


The more ad packs you have running at the same time, the more you will earn each day.  In TM you are given enough space to add up to 15 sites that you want to advertise. 


A little hint, Traffic Monsoon has a rotator and you can add more sites through the rotator and gain more visits to your sites.


I will add a video below to help you in navigating the Traffic Monsoon site and show YOU what works best for me. 

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I’m available if you have any questions about what I am doing and how you can get started.