My Paying Ads Review

My Paying Ads Review

UPDATE 3/26/2016:  As far as I know this program is still running but after hanging on for a few months and PayPal still hasn’t released their funds, I’m letting this one go.  With no way at this point to withdraw funds that were paid into the system via PayPal.  I will keep an eye on them to see if I can get my money back but I am not going to add more money into this program just to change the payment processor.


My Paying Ads is a very affordable revenue sharing program that would be a good “Starter Program” if you haven’t ever worked with one before.  So I will give you My Paying Ads Review as it has worked for me so far.  


It is also free to join and a very low price for their ad packs; you can start for $1.00.  NOTE: The smaller amount you start with will take time to build up but if you are learning, it’s absolutely my recommendation to start with My Paying Ads. 


I started with $5.00 and have been using my earned funds to buy new ad packs when I have earned enough to do so. 


I’m not exactly sure when this program began but in doing my research, the earliest mention of My Paying Ads that I can find is April 2015.  Of course, there are many other reviews on this program; both good and bad.  I will give my honest opinion and my experiences that I have had so far but it’s up to “YOU” to decide if it’s right for you or not. 


Most all ad revenue sharing programs work just about the same way. 
You sign up for free
You click on your specified number of ads per day
You decide if you want to buy an ad pack
You visit your account daily and sometimes twice to keep your account active


There does seem to be some things going on in the back office to suggest that maybe there are some software problems that the programmers are working to solve the problem. 


As I mentioned before, I have put in only $5.00 of my own pocket money and the rest of the funds I have are internal earnings from the system.  


I don’t see that there is a major problem to be worried about but then again, I don’t have that much money involved.  The threshold for withdrawing funds is $5.00, so I can’t give an answer on how fast they pay out; maybe in a few days. 


I will also make a video to show the navigation for this site shortly, so check back and to watch the short video. 

I’m available if you have any questions about what I am doing and how you can get started.