Make Money Online Update 3/26/2016

Make Money Online Update 3/26/2016

From time to time I will update this page with information about programs that I am working with or involved with to create extra “streams of income” online. 


I have read and decided that I don’t like the banners taking up space on the sidebar, so they will be moved to this page. I will add, update or remove as needed. 


First off I am a big fan of Revenue Share Sites and I do check them out thoroughly before I join them but there is no guarantee of anything, especially putting money into a program like this. So I always tell people that if you are considering joining a revenue share program, only use money that you could stand to lose if you lost it out of your wallet (i.e. if something goes wrong in the program or it goes away without a word). 


Another thing I stress is to start withdrawing some money out of the revenue sharing program when you are able to or allowed to, according to the programs’ terms. If you get the money right away, that’s a good sign. If it takes what seems like forever, then the “Red Flags” are up and you DO NOT want to add any new money from your pocket. 


Another tip and I do emphasize this, is to put in enough money to get started and then ONLY use money that you earn in the program to upgrade, buy ad packs or whatever the program sells. This way IF something goes wrong, you have only lost $10.00, $15.00, etc. or whatever amount you started with. 


Now I will tell you that starting with low amounts of money is going to go slow for you but remember to ask yourself, “How much money can I afford to lose and not use any grocery money or a mortgage payment, etc.?”  


Another strategy I have used is to work with two or three programs together. What I earn from one, I can upgrade or buy an ad pack in another and keep the cycle going. Earn in one, pay to the second one, earn in the second one to pay into the third one. Again, do this with caution and each program should be up and producing an income for you as long as you keep putting the money back into the program. 


There are extenuating circumstances, for example, I needed to pay a bill and another stream of income wasn’t due to pay in time and the bill would have overdue, so I withdrew enough money from Traffic Monsoon to pay the bill. It was an almost instant transfer from TM to my PayPal account. So Traffic Monsoon is “Highly Recommended.” 


For the time-being, Traffic Monsoon is the only ad revenue sharing site I am working with.  They have also had to switch processors but we are told there is enough funds to cover once PayPal releases their funds.


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